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The Smog is Thick [S/N] [PC]
« on: July 08, 2016, 02:29:06 AM »
[01:09] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] The smog was thick here. Her eyes burned, all moisture long since wicked away. Her voice was hoarse, throat caked with ash. She's dimly aware of aches and pains in her sides. Exhaustion from running or wounds from an angry niece... did it matter anymore? It all blended together. She'd gotten turned around in the smoke. --

[01:11] -- notIron [NI] How long had he been out here? Searching? Wondering? Questioning? Breaking apart in a way he couldn't comprehend? His chest ached. He couldn't believe she had left. Maybe she was scared? Probably of him.
[01:12] NI: "Hecate?" Coven cries to the smog, his wheezing tone all the more worn. This was stupid and dangerous, but he didn't deserve any semblance of common sense he held. His crown was heavy, but his heart was heavier. He had to find her, he had to find his wife and...
[01:12] NI: Wait, a figure in the smog. "H-hecate?"

[01:14] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] spots him, as surely as he spots her. Indistinct, forlorn and lost. --
[01:14] FD: No.
[01:15] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] has been called that before. Earlier. --
[01:15] FD: Who is Hecate?

[01:16] -- notIron [NI] can't believe his eyes. He thinks it's a ghost staring at him. Yet the tattoos and the pelt say so much more than words. He chokes, momentarily stunned. He stutters, his gaze ablaze with the familiar warmth of rage. How dare she, HOW DARE SHE.. --
[01:16] NI: My child. She's missing... she was
[01:17] -- notIron [NI] can't say who it was. His passing hurt too. -- --

[01:19] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] stops in her tracks, though she wavers on her feet. Dimly she's aware of something wet splattering to the ashen ground. All things wet had burned up long ago, hadn't they? She looks down and is only mildly surprised to find that it's blood. Whose? She stares at it, and not at him. --
[01:20] FD: She's lost... we can find her... we'll do it together.

[01:21] -- notIron [NI] doesn't understand why she's here. He doesn't understand what is happening. Perhaps it came from ruling to long and being to secure. It seemed impossible for something to be more violent than he had been, more oppressive than he had been, but the volcano does it easily. --
[01:21] NI: Why are you here?
[01:22] -- notIron [NI] can't keep himself from asking. He's... downtrodden, though he should be angry. She's bleeding but her health is not his immediate concern. His own pelt is lined with burns, his body would not be stopped by something as petty as pain. --
[01:22] NI: You come back now, when everything is...
[01:23] -- notIron [NI] | Burning. Burning as brightly as the sun that watched them. --

[01:23] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] wonders, for a moment, if maybe it's her blood. She's so tired. She's so hurt. She looks up, brain churning slowly, processing. Was this shock? --
[01:23] FD: To find... the ones that are lost.

[01:25] -- notIron [NI] thought over her words, even through the fog of his emotional distress. --
[01:25] NI: The ones that are...
[01:26] -- notIron [NI] allowed his gaze to drop to the ground between her feet and he really took in the state of her body. Had she been attacked somehow? Why did he care? All his life he had preached of her dissertion. It was her leaving that had been his platform and her abandonment that had allowed Kol to be so easily broken and Flynn so easily slaughtered. He should be thanking her. --
[01:27] -- notIron [NI] | Instead the words he wanted to screech were trapped in his throat. The blame he wanted to place was frozen. The blood was on his paws and while her freedom had allowed her something he couldn't describe his self-imposed imprisonment had treated him rather nicely. In return, he had abused the system. He had no one to blame outside of that but himself. --
[01:28] NI: You're hurt. We could help you. You're lost, this is your home... isn't it?

[01:29] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] sways on her feet. She looks at him, at those red, red eyes. So red. Like poppies. Like Tyrfing's eyes, too. --
[01:31] FD: My home? No... no, not this place.
[01:31] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] looks, instead, at the spot on the ground. Twists to see if she can see the tear that drips. There's more than one. Who put those there? Someone with green eyes, not like his at all. --
[01:32] FD: Never mine.

[01:33] -- notIron [NI] finally finds the emotion he needs, just a sliver of it, enough to cut through the grief. His fury, his personal anger, it's still there but so incredibly smothered. He yells, overwhelmed. --
[01:33] -- notIron [NI] wants to tantrum, and stomp, and scream, and flail, and end his suffering. He wants to fling himself into the ravine so that he doesn't have to face his mistakes. He can't though. Crenate needs him. Bane needs him. The kids who didn't run from him, they would surely need him. Sol Katti would need him. --
[01:34] NI: /Me seethed and boiled, there was no one he would scream at, no one he could scream at. Oh, he could hurt whoever he wanted to, but it wasn't the same. This wasn't dominance. This wasn't the leadership he had initially imaged. He wanted them all to suffer, when had he started to care so much?

[01:37] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] looks up. Her ears fall back. Another drop of blood falls. Did he know how she had bled? The jungle drank her blood and the poppies grew, red. All of them red. Did he know? Did any of them know? --
[01:37] FD: Then...
[01:38] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] 's face flickers with confusion. --
[01:38] FD: Then... leave. Come with me.
[01:38] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] But wasn't that why Halberd had chosen her soft spoken daughter? She always followed her heart, eventually. --

[01:39] -- notIron [NI] swallowed, surprised by the offer. He trembled, afraid of his answer. When Hecate had left, when Kol had left... they hadn't asked him to come. --
[01:40] NI: I... I want to.
[01:40] -- notIron [NI] didn't understand why his vision was blurring and he ignored the dampness on his cheeks. --
[01:40] NI: Oh... I want to.
[01:41] -- notIron [NI] | But he was a slave still, even if he wore a crown. He couldn't leave them, even as he felt the claws of power slip from his pelt, no longer relevant. --
[01:41] NI: I need her... my Sabora. My children... I've lost to many. We've killed to many.
[01:42] -- notIron [NI] babbled, he didn't want this bleeding woman who stood despite her injuries to see his weakness and vunerabilities. At least no one could see this. --

[01:44] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] had never wanted the crown that Coven had pulled from a bloodied head with bloodied teeth. He bound Kol Nidre in thorns. He would have done the same to her. Had she clarity, she would have called for help. She would have pitied him in the same breath that she feared him. Would she have still offered mercy? --
[01:44] FD: Bring her, too. This place will kill you.

[01:46] -- notIron [NI] held his breath. In the chaos, they could run. In the thickened smog the both of them, together, could slip away. Could he make Sol Katti happy without the power? Without the false security? If they --
[01:46] NI: left their children here to grow and die would they feel betrayed? He had never been much of a father and even now he didn't know if he had what it took to repair the damage that fractured their less than stable family but... he wasn't afraid of dying in Saboro, not really. He knew the power struggles and viciousness that he had continued to mold would kill him. What he feared was the grip it would have over his bloodlines.
[01:46] NI: I... they need me.
[01:47] -- notIron [NI] wasn't sure if that was true. They probably didn't need him at all but everyone was hurting and dying and he couldn't add more pain to their shoulders. --
[01:47] NI: This place, Halberd's paradise... it will kill me.
[01:47] -- notIron [NI] would not deny that but... --
[01:48] NI: But, we must take responsibility... for the suffering. I must take responsibility. I can't... let Saboro... these people, spend another eon in agony.

[01:49] FD: They will never change.
[01:49] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] sounds surprisingly indifferent. The venom is missing. Something is missing. She isn't herself, nor is she the herself she was in Saboro. --
[01:50] FD: The Sabora may say, "stop culling your children", but they will do it, because that's what their Queen taught them.
[01:50] FD: You will die here and they will never change.

[01:52] -- notIron [NI] held enough emotion for them both. Felt it all bubbling up under what felt like centuries of unrestrained fury. Terror dwelled in his heart, terror that she was right. But, Coven was not a coward and his life was not worth much now that he could feel his reign ending. It didn't matter where he died, in the end. --
[01:53] NI: The youth are different. Halberd is gone, missing. Crenate is different. The culling HAS stopped. Only the wolves at the top hold power and they hold it well.
[01:53] -- notIron [NI] had to convince himself of that, or the devil that Serrate represented would swallow him whole. When had he stopped being so selfish? These new feelings. They brought a bitter laugh. --
[01:53] NI: I've become you.

[01:57] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] sways on her feet. There's only one thing in all of that for her to latch onto. Her expression shifts, crestfallen. --
[01:58] FD: Then only I can change nothing... it's all for nothing.

[01:58] NI: ....I'm not sure why you are here.
[01:59] -- notIron [NI] noticed that shifting emotion and since the birth of his grandchildren he had become introspective. Or maybe, maybe it was Knife's death that had taught him empathy. --
[01:59] NI: But... sometimes... even if things change, they do not change fast enough.
[02:00] -- notIron [NI] felt odd. He should have been trying to charge Serrate, to bring her back. But he was alone, and until the volcano was over, he was Sabor. He could say what he pleased. --
[02:00] NI: My daughter ran from me. She is lost. She will be on that side, in that wilderness. She didn't want to die here.
[02:01] NI: Maybe. Maybe you did not come for nothing.
[02:01] -- notIron [NI] felt his voice crack then, but he said what he needed to say. --
[02:01] NI: Please find my lost daughter so that she can die somewhere safe, when it's time. So that she doesn't die... alone.
[02:02] -- notIron [NI] | With his broken love to insufficiently warm her. --

[02:03] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] finds, in that, a request similar to one she came here with. But oddly, this half of the union found more compassion for a single child than Derringer spared for three. How odd, she puzzles. How odd to be talking to him. Had they ever shared so many words? --
[02:03] FD: I will find who is lost... life is better. There's so much more.
[02:04] FD: She will be happy.

[02:05] -- notIron [NI] 's lips cracked into a dry awkward smile. Oh how it pained him, to smile at this woman who he had dreamed of tearing into. He hadn't thought he'd see her ever again, and he would never have imagined they would be conversing like they were. --
[02:05] NI: That makes me... happy.
[02:07] -- notIron [NI] was lying. He wanted Hecate here, with him. His blurry gaze was enough to let him know he didn't understand what happiness was and never would. He hadn't felt happy since his youth. Since Urchin. Yet, he did feel relief in knowing that maybe Hecate would be safe and different. --
[02:07] NI: I hurt her very much.
[02:07] -- notIron [NI] had a confession. It came out without his permission. --
[02:08] NI: I ate away her face in my rage. Her sister was killed by my Sabora and I had no one to hurt but her. She has never been happy.
[02:08] -- notIron [NI] swallowed thickly, but he knew he didn't have to beg for this. --
[02:09] NI: If you do see her, please... help her be happy.

[02:13] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] connects, dimly, viewing the situation from far away. A return confession, something he would have never known, a strange affinity. --
[02:13] FD: Mother ate pieces of me. A little at a time.
[02:13] FD: She will be happier the further away she gets.
[02:14] -- flickeringDaydream [FD] tilts her head away. Where was she going? She had somewhere to be. Somewhere that was far away from here. --

[02:14] NI: I understand.
[02:15] -- notIron [NI] did, for Halberd and her traditions, and people, had destroyed a great deal of him as well. He stepped back from the edge, panting, fighting against the urge to run and leap, anything to get away and heal. --
[02:15] NI: They need me.
[02:15] -- notIron [NI] didn't think she would care. She had a duty. She had wolves to save. His wolves. Goodness, that hurt. --
[02:16] NI: There may be more. More children of my blood. They're lost too.
[02:16] -- notIron [NI] didn't need to say anything else but when he turned his stiffened, heart pounding, and said without turning around. --
[02:16] NI: I tried to make Him mine when you left. He also ran.
[02:17] -- notIron [NI] | Then he was gone. --
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