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deep wounds [ Akki/Daemon ]
« on: July 07, 2016, 02:35:52 AM »
Once Lev Malakh had helped Shroxx and Iron hoist Serrate up onto their backs, she went back and lifted Akki up onto her back. Her father had been busy taking a pup as Amen’s tail had broken, and she knew that would be attended to first. So, she took the liberty to take care of the white hellion until her father could come an assess him. They were bound from entering the inner lands, which meant to her they could not go past the wall. She would later find Ki Tisa to show him dad, but for now, he needed to not see Akki bleeding and dying. Something could spark. On the other hand, she would keep quiet about Cuivre for now. They didn’t need any more heartache.

So Lev Malakh brought Akki, following her father’s trail until she saw him down below a hill side. He had already started to patch up his daughter’s tail, which was sickly broken. She slowly placed Akki down onto the ground, making sure he didn’t just fall off her back. He had enough injury. After a few minutes, Kol approached and smiled warily at his daughter, nuzzling her in greeting before he nodded. Lev nodded back, understanding that she needed to go somewhere else for her father to work, and she would help with the pups, introducing herself to them as well as Hecate and Belispeak as they were strangers. Yet, she couldn’t help but gather a few things first for her father to work with — honey, spiderweb and water.

Kol Nidre signed, getting to work immediately.  With the honey and a few flowers such as daisies and garlic, he started to crush them into an ointment, adding water every few minutes until it was well mixed. A purple poppy sat beside him as well, an odd smell coming from it, not as sweet as the poppies back in Saboro, but he knew the seeds would be a good pain reliever, and unknown to him now, an amazing sedative.

Paws spread the ointment over the wounds, not being gentle anyway, massaging his toes in to let the medicine soak into the wound effectively. The paste would help with scabbing and keeping the lesions from getting infected. The saliva had so many bacteria, which are what Kol Nidre was mostly worried about. Akki had lost so much blood already, and although he had no time to seek an herb to help promote blood regeneration, stopping the bleeding would help immensely.

After he applied the ointment all over, setting spider web and then moving Akki over onto his other side to repeat the process, Kol would move over to the poppies. Nails painstakingly scraped out the precious seeds, mixing them in with the rest of the honey he had. He would wait for the white hellion to come to, he didn’t need his mate choking.
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Re: deep wounds [ Akki/Daemon ]
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2016, 03:59:07 AM »
After having stabled Iron where she could and making sure he was healed, she than cleaned her fur of his blood and scent before she headed back to the battlefield to see if there were any more survivors. Her tail wagging in joy at feeling useful for once in such a long time, the last time had been to help her teacher but in the end she had not been able to save him. Nor gain as much knowledge as she had wanted at the time, but still Daemon persisted on becoming the best healer she could be. When she came out onto the battlefield, she sniffed the ground searching until she found a strange scent one that smelled of a hellion in even more danger than Iron and another wolf who whom she couldn’t tell anything about.

So dodging plants, wrapping around fallen trees and doing as best as she could to avoid obstacles while following the scent trail. Daemon eventually came upon strange looking wolves, one a white hellion who seemed to have had an expert apply their craft on him. Because everything about it was perfect, but there was only so much one could do with scrounging around for materials. She smiled maybe she could offer her huge supply of herbs she had gathered, after all she could learn something from the big male sitting next to the white one.

”Hey there need any help, I’m a healer myself and apart of this pack. But I couldn’t help noticing the expert way you have applied the serums and webs to the white one. But I noticed you don’t have much in the way of supplies at the moment, and maybe I could help you?” She said, as she got close to the males. “After all I have been exploring the territory and been gathering herbs where needed. My den isn’t far, but I have Yarrow and many other herbs should you need it. But I’m also sure I could learn a thing or two from you. As the white one looks like he needs all the help he can get to survive.” Daemon said, as she sat down next to the big red wolf. “Where are my manners forgot to introduce myself, my name is Daemon though you may call me Dae if your prefer. Anyways here to help where I’m needed.” She said,bringing a forced smile as she was worried about the white one who lay on the ground unconscious.

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Re: deep wounds [ Akki/Daemon ]
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2016, 04:02:56 PM »
The river was dark, and the current was swift. The loping water rolled over the stones and swelled in little pools left abandoned by the banks. It wafted the fallen tree along, and by proxy the white hellhound lying across the bark.


Akki watched the jungle branches reaching out over the water. Sometimes they lunged at him, skeletal claws snarling, but the river's speed would not hear of it. Grim shadows slid beneath the glossy surface, propelled by their wicked tails. Now and then a stray beam of moonlight caught their gnarled teeth, but those teeth would remain clean and empty. The river, for once, denied them everything.

He wondered why more freedom seekers didn't try the river. He wondered why it betrayed Knife and yet embraced him. Perhaps her ties killed her. Her inability to abandon everyone and cut through the water alone dragged her down as seaweed entangles the legs of a fleeing deer.

He was lucky to have no one. Everyone left him. In the snow. In the cave. In the jungle. It kept him fast, and it kept him within the river's good graces.

So, alone he traveled, and alone he escaped.



He lifted his head and peered into the night, but of course there was no one. Not even stars. The jungle thinned, transformed into conifers, and the air bit in chill. His breath puffed in wispy clouds beneath his nose.

This was better.


The tree lurched and the creatures in the water splashed. Akki splayed his legs and dug into the wood, heart hammering, ears pinned.

"Stop it," he growled. "You'll ruin everything."

Put her down.
It's not him, you idiot.

"Shut up!" he barked. Whispers picked up. From the forest, from the river. Harsh and rasping in his ear. Like wasp legs, scraping glass.

A great wave rolled from the bank. It crashed into the side of the tree, and just like that he went toppling from on high into the swell.

Liar. Liar. Liar.

His eyes snapped open, were struck by how bright the world was, and slammed back shut. Face contorting into something half grimace, half snarl, he lapped his dry tongue over his dry nose and tried to hide his face under his foreleg. It was stupid how hard it was to move. Everything felt waterlogged.

He groaned.

All this bad blood here
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Won’t you let it lie?

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