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Harassment On & Off IDS
« on: March 17, 2016, 08:15:39 PM »
Harassment On & Off IDS

What is Harassment?
Harassment is when another user is when a person is repeatedly excessively and/or needlessly pressured, excluded, belittled, bullied, alienated, or targeted by another individual. Harassment can be direct, such as finding ways to sending messages to someone despite being blocked from their inbox, or it can be indirect, where actions repeatedly clearly involve or affect another user negatively despite not being sent "directly" to them -- for example, passive-aggressive remarks. It can also include things such as mistreating someone because of their harmless personal beliefs/identities. This creates a poor environment on the forum and will not be tolerated.

How to avoid being reported for harassment:
Do not take repeated "jabs" at other users.  Respect peoples' requests to cease contact with them.  Do not provoke unnecessary conflict and do not prolong conflicts.  Be polite to others.  If something truly cannot be worked out between two or more people and there is somehow no foreseeable way to simply go your separate ways, please approach the moderator team for help finding an appropriate resolution instead of continuing to engage in the issue.

If you need to report harassment, or have been falsely reported:
Message any moderator (preferably an online one) with:
- screenshots of the incident if available.
- what happened from beginning to end, told as objectively as possible.
- an explanation for why you did or said what you did.

- please include any other information that you feel is relevant.
- do not respond to the other person or people any more.

Off-forum harassment:
Harassment on another site or over instant messengers is still harassment.  Both users involved must have active accounts on forum, and screenshots are vital.  While moderators in the past have felt that it was unhelpful to take off-forum actions into account, we now feel that it is most constructive to change our policy.

- Offenders may have a maximum of three warnings, depending on the severity of the situation(s).
- Beyond warnings, users may receive temporary bans.
- Users who repeatedly offend may face permanent bans.

Users who have comments or suggestions are welcome to PM them to moderators.

-written by Soals, edited by Tsu~