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dark stones [prp ranya]
« on: March 10, 2016, 07:51:31 PM »
This new queen was the one that he'd picked, just based on what he'd heard of her and her clan. A bit of a spitfire and passionate, just like himself and he wanted to meet her. There didn't seem like a reason why not to bother her, as he was probably her only subject right now, with the ranks of Stoneclaw so diminished, and if he was to continue following her, he wanted to meet her, to talk, and see if there was any sort of a connection that they could mesh on.

To facilitate her being open to speaking to him, he had grabbed a few of the polished obsidian stones that he kept in the cubby in his den. He'd tkane his time to allow a river to smooth them against other pebbles, and that was one of his few creative talents, outside of trying to teach himself to master fire. Shaping stones came with the territory as you could use the stones, struck against each other that is, to start fire, as well as make rudimentary tools that allowed you to strip bark off, and cut green limbs.

Thoren was resourceful if nothing else, and hopefully this would show it. Favor was never a bad thing to have, and he wanted it. But more than that, a new face was a new face. He would move towards the main meeting area and looking around, he finally spotted her, coming up behind her and speaking, "Queen Pyrose, you look lovely in this morning light." A bit of a smirk that was a little bit of a smile as well, crossed his face. "Thoren; I pledged to you if you remember."

"What occupies your mind this early?"
  The burden you bear can cripple you
A ravenous cancer, eating your soul
Lost within a world beyond your control
So tonight, let there be a reckoning
Let this moment empower you to no end
Let the doubts within you, start to descend
Take the path that the weak ones demonize
Look around and begin to realize
thoren. || played by raleigh.