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little songbird [prp june]
« on: January 24, 2016, 01:56:24 AM »
These events were just a clustereff and Buck wondered what exactly Azuhel was thinking for about two seconds before she realized. This was just a way to keep Isaiah in line, and it was a damned good play too, at least until there was some interference that got in the way of that. One such thing might be the elevation of June into an actual rank, though as crafty as Azuhel managed to be, this might be something far in the future, and certainly not before Azuhel felt like she had captured Isaiah into the trap that would keep him loyal to her.

Perhaps people didn't see it, perhaps they didn't want to. But there was no doubt in the mind of Buck that Azuhel was gambling for the power in Alteron, and she was willing to go to just about any lengths to get it. As evidenced by all the times she's spun a situation to her advantage, starting with the meeting in the ruins, trying to gather support, then the meeting of what outriders had remained, then voting and so on and so forth. It was all so perfectly stacked, or well it had to be, since people just seemed to fall in line, ignoring how things had been. It seemed so odd.

The Sovereign had been gone for a long time, that much was true, and now Azuhel and Anya were running things. What was even the point of the figurehead if there was nothing to be gained by that? Lemiuex was supposed to be a way to balance everything and he was nigh on useless too. It was a complete mess and the Commandant was not entirely sure what future they expected Alteron to have. They being Azuhel and Anya, but if nothing else, Buck knew that she would be present for it.

Alteron was home, if nothing else, and while the forest was falling apart, she still had a set of duties and goals that she wanted fulfilled. The first for today, was to see what exactly June was up to, the newly captured slave likely to hate Buck, but it wouldn't get any better, personal relations-wise anyway, if Buck simply ignored them, or didn't attempt to help out in some way. First, they had to find her however. The slave pits, or the quarry, even if Azuhel had taken them, she was still likely to be here, at least Buck would have thought so anyway.