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Re: Confrontation (closed, mature)
« Reply #75 on: September 16, 2010, 02:54:57 AM »
Moon's heart skipped a few beats as Slash put his neck across hers and looked with her up into the sky. She watched his eyes move from her to the sky, a laugh rumbling deep in his throat. Then he smiled with the look of a trickster, but without the malice. "No, this spot is perfect. It is nice and quiet, and as long as you deem it safe then I do too."

At this Moontouched smiled and blushed under her coat, and if he mentioned it she would sooner blame him with his extra heat than the truth that he made her fiery with desire. She smirked, hopefully covering up her emotions well enough that he wouldn't catch on, and closed her brown eyes slightly as she ogled him. "If you say so." she laughed him off as she teasingly snorted in his ear. She was going to get him back for everything he did that made her hot until, well, she would decide that later, but until then Slash should be expecting some game playing.

Slash watched her with a mixture of mischievousness and liveliness. "So, how did you find this place anyways?" he asked, turning back to the stars.

Moon's eyes followed his for a moment to the sky where she saw the brilliant brightness of the moon. It stunned her into silence for a moment, but then she began to explain how she had come upon the spot whey they now lay. "One day I was out here watching Sonet, but I wasn't really paying too much attention to what he was doing; I was mainly just following him around as he played a game of exploring. After a few minutes of this game I somehow managed to step on a really sharp stick of some sort and a shard got stuck in between my paw pads on my right foot. I told Sonet that he may not go out of my sight while I spent a few minutes in an effort to get it out, but when I looked up he wasn't there. I jumped up her to get a better view and found this place." She smirked at the memory of her panic and put her head down onto her paws, letting a yawn escape her jaws. "Sonet happened to have snuck into a bush behind me and fallen asleep, but when he heard me calling out he woke up fast."

The brown wolf smiled at the memory once again before turning to look up at Slash one more time before closing them for the night. She followed his eyes straight to the night's sky and together the wolves watched a shooting star flash across. Moon let out a long breath. She was more tired then she should be with all the sleep that she had been getting recently, but she bet that it was because she hadn't been sleeping well before she had met Slash. Now she felt as if  she could fall asleep anywhere, just as long as she had him by her side.

Heavy lids shut and Moontouched guided her head to the soft moss bedding by feel. "I'm going to sleep." she whispered, hoping that he too needed the rest and that she wasn't killing the night with her needs. "Good night." she said with a faint sigh, and repositioned herself under Slash slightly. Her paws came up closer to her body, her back arched, and her tail flicked back before she settled comfortably against him, her subconscious mind automatically making her search for a heat source as her body temperature would slowly decrease over the course of the night. She let herself go after a moment of hesitation, managing to hang on just long enough to catch a slight whisper in the wind before she fell asleep.

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Re: Confrontation (closed, mature)
« Reply #76 on: September 16, 2010, 09:06:17 PM »
Slash listened to her story laying against her side perfectly content where he was but when she stoped and yawned he looked back at her and smiled sofltly she seemed as if she could have no tiemper at all when she was tired she seemed so at peace and gentle, but to slash she always seemed this way and that would never change. he watched her lay her head down on the soft mossy bedding and suddenly started to feel tired himself and he was glad that he was the last thing he needed to be tomorrow was drowsy he yawned his large razor sharp fangs gliming in the few seconds of moon light that shined on them before his great gape closed again. with heavy eyes he looked back down at moontouched.

"Good night."

she said and Slash couldn't help to do anything else but smile and raised his head slightly off her neck as she repositioned herself under neath him and then slowly fell to sleep once her eyes closed and he could feel a consitant rythm in her breathing he slowly and gently layed his neck back on top of hers and then flicked his tail to the left around her figure and it almost looked like he was sheilding her which was pretty much ture he was sheilding her from the cold, but he also did this because her pelt was so soft and gentle against his large tense powerful muscels and the rythm of her breathing was luling him to sleep. Before he let his now heavy eyelids fall completely he took one last look at Moontouched and whisperd ever so softly.

"Good night Moontouched."

And Slash'es eyes fell completly shut and the gentle rise and fall of her breathing lulled him off to sleep. Tomorrow there adventure began.
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