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Asgard Changes, Please Read!
« on: June 26, 2015, 12:40:58 PM »
Ok so Asgard has gone through a major re-haul and we thought we'd get every up to speed with what has changed!

First, we have some alliances in mind and if you would like to sign your character up to go to one of these alliance trips, post here. Deadline for sign-up is July 13th. Folki are allowed to sign up if they choose.

Secondly, we have a new Rites of Passage that will start once the Tortuga/Asgard alliance in complete. Anyone wanting to follow the alliance, the thread is here. As far at the Rites go, all of the current Folki will be attending the Rites once it starts so please start thinking about what rank you want your character in and have them find the items they need to trade for training. Everything you need to know about preparation and leaving, as well as what Folki are going can be found here].

Next on the line, we have revised ranks list. All of our names are Nordic and I am going to add a pronunciation guide soon but I would like to say, we have Nordic names and some influence, but we are not a viking pride. We thought at first this would be our direction but a lot of key things that go with the viking culture we just don't do. There is still no pride wide religion and we don't pray to Odin. The revised ranks list is here and as of yesterday it is finally complete.

Then we have new rank information here, completed as of yesterday. Folki can use this to help figure out what rank they want. Var and Rune ranks are chosen by the Konungr(Kings). Runes are a secret rank but if you are interested in your character being a Var, PM BlackRabbit, Tolf, or Stormy with your characters profile and we'll discuss it.

New maps have been put into place, as well as some new pictures of what some of our areas look like. Want to know where your character lives and how to describe your environment, go check this out.

Lastly our laws have been updated completely are are officially complete as of last night. I know people have been popping in and put of there checking it out but is is NOW complete and I would like to say first and foremost, NO MORE 300 WORD RULE! Yay right? Anyway, check out our new laws. Also check out our new mating competitions and mating for life.

The only thing that still needs to be converted is the flower tradition. We're reworking it to mix without the clans.

Ok on to the plots!

We'll be starting an invasion plot within the next few days. This is the first step to changing our pride for the better and putting the changes from a splintered Aryion/Stoneclaw merge, into a true union of Asgard. Step one in explaining why and how Asgard comes to be. It'll be set before the alliances so be ready!

The killer is still on the loose and no one is truly safe! More information on that as it develops.

As I said before, we have a lot of alliances coming up, so be ready for those.

Rites of Passage will be the very first and we plan on starting the very first as soon as the Tortuga alliance is complete.

Nexys kids are being planned as well so they'll be going UFA soon and a few of them have some cool secret plots attached.

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