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conquer. [prp andraste.]
« on: May 11, 2015, 12:54:23 AM »
There was something serene about the mute-coloured marshlands.  It was almost surreal.  Storm clouds darkened the evening air into a menacing black.  The ground was soaked with the pounding it just took, as if the rain meat-ground the crap out of the already squishy mud.  Long white teeth clacked against each other, his smoky fur untouched by what would usually be muddy smears and sticks tangled into his thick mane.  His spotted tongue snaked from between glinting weapons and ran along his dark nose.  His eyes stared straight ahead.  Piercing.  His pupils fixed straight ahead, hawk yellow not concentrating on anything in particular.

His body was rigid, spiky fur standing straight up.  He was quiet, calculating.  His movements were cautious, and though he kept his gaze ahead most of the time, he couldn't help but twitch and turn his head the moment a leaf cracked, a twig snapped -- he could never be too careful.  The male muddled through the sludge, his legs coated in a thick layer of shiny, stinking mud.  His split tail swayed in the air, and he kept a watchful stare on the random flashes, just in case the storm decided to come back.

He had found his amusement in children trailing behind him and asking questions.  Sure, it was a weird hobby, answering a youngster's questions about the world, but he found a light entertainment in the wonder in their eyes.  Nobody followed him at the moment, but soon as he passed along the piss-marked borders of packs, toddling children always followed the moment they saw the unusual anatomy.  Elias never minded.  They usually asked about his horns, his teeth, his tail.  They never noticed how abnormally thick his mane was, how eerily is eyes stared right past the children he interacted with.  Although he was all in for a good conversation, he couldn't help but seem creepy.  Maybe he'd snatch a child away and sell them off in a wolf black market or something.

He had grown used to accusations like that.  Apparently he looked like someone who did that.  It was beginning to grow tiring.  He sifted through distant memories of what he had once considered a family.  He left them, finding them rather boring.  He was nothing close to the interesting mess that was his doppelganger.  His dead doppelganger.  He had no knowledge of the old fart, nor would he be interested if he did come up in a conversation -- he had been interesting at one point, and now Elias ghosted around the planet in peace.

He knew not of a similar ghost whose memory had been wiped from the face of the earth.