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we are timeless [prp serrate]
« on: February 07, 2015, 10:52:50 AM »
[takes place before malzahar skips off to ataki shierak.]

He was disappointed.

It was easy to tell that this territory belonged to a pack, the smell made that more than clear. Malzahar had started to long for the company of others - for conversation more than anything else - and yet no one showed. He supposed he could very well just. . .walk right on in, but that wasn't exactly proper etiquette now was it? No the routine was always the same. You arrive at the borders. You wait. Someone comes to you. He felt tiny little claws tugging on the fur of his tail as the hellsquirrel started to scamper up, but he gave said appendage a harsh flick and the creature flew a couple of feet before hitting the ground. Malzahar was not in the  mood to be someones living tree today.

He was tired of the short, clipped sentences and questions gone unanswered. At first he had thought the voidlings to be better than not having anyone at all but recently he had started to change his mind.

Shadows danced in front of him, with images of terrible creatures swallowing up the very earth. Malzahar knew he was seeing another vision of the inevitable future. He didn't know much about the Void, only that it was a realm separate from the one he currently inhabited. It was home to a number of monsters and creatures that looked so unreal it seemed as though they could only come from ones imagination. But to the wolf with the purple hood they were very, very real. The ground appeared to be cracking beneath his paws, threatening to split and engulf him entirely although he knew it wasn't real. These things he was seeing. . .he knew they weren't happening right at that very moment.

But they would happen some day.

He slowly slid down into a more comfortable position, ears drawn back as he waited for his vision to return to normal. He was starting to wish he didn't have to see these things. He didn't want the responsibility of trying to convince others of a fate they didn't want to accept. His eyes closed as if he were trying to fall asleep, but the sounds that came with his vision prevented that.

Why did the Void always have to be so noisy?

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Re: we are timeless [prp serrate]
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2015, 04:30:49 PM »
She had discovered the outskirts of Inaria in trailing Avery-- and there she had found a relic from her past. She couldn't say for sure what had drawn her there again, or more accurately wouldn't say the hope she harbored in her heart-- that she'd find others there. Lost souls swept together like driftwood upon the shore, waiting to be found and appreciated. She'd always appreciated them, though she hadn't always said it, and she wanted the opportunity to say it.

Kol Nidre. Cypress. Tyrfing. Cutlass. Flynn.

If Skadi could drift back to her, she thought maybe... just maybe... but it was a foolish, baseless dream, and she spoke it aloud to no one. Many thought she was crazy enough, now, after the fight on the border-- and she could not stand to be avoided, knowing that she frightened some of the smaller wolves that called Inaria home. So she would not tell them, she would simply search in ever widening circles, hoping to sweep those who drifted far away back into her inner circle.

Where they belonged.

She heard the hellsquirrels before she saw them, pausing with her ears tilted toward the telltale sound of prey. Squirrels were little more than a snack, but every mouthful counted-- and they had strained Inaria's hospitality enough. Slowing her approach, she lightly stepped through the snow as Hawthorne had taught her, reducing the sound she made to a soft and muffled crunch. She didn't camouflage well in this winterscape, however, and much to her annoyance, her quarry caught wind of her long before she was close enough for a killing blow.

Far from trees, however, she realized her chance, and gave chase as the creature fled before her-- too caught up in the hunt to realize that it wasn't right at all. Thundering after it through the snow, she came within a hair's breadth of snatching that brightly-colored tail, her jaws quivering in anticipation--

The prone body of Malzahar suddenly looms in her vision, her eyes widening as the hellsquirrel scurried behind his bushy tail. She hadn't even noticed him, so caught up she'd been-- and to avoid crashing into him she leaps, soaring over his body and sinking deep into the snow as she lands on the other side. The force of her impact drives her face into the snow (not for the first time since she'd learned about winter). Struggling to free herself from the cold and wet prison, she yanks first her face free, then a paw, feeling hot with embarrassment even as a prickle of fear traveled down her spine. Casting a furtive glance over her shoulder she silently chides herself as she pulls one paw after the other out of the snow-- she should know better, she should pay more attention, she should always know what her surroundings are, and she should never be surprised by a stranger.

"S-sorry," she manages, tongue lapping over her too-warm nose as she shakes a clump of snow from a forepaw, swiveling to face the stranger whose nap, she reasons, she rudely interrupted.
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