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Open Borders
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:30:09 AM »
Borders are OPEN

Make sure you read the general information before you join! All kinds of wolves are generally welcome, foxes and other canines might be asked to prove their worth before being accepted, and lions and other felines might be accepted although they are treated with suspicion and extreme caution.

We're doing normal acceptances and auto-acceptances. For AA's we just need a profile and you can send to Kookamemega, Anya/Eve, or myself as one of us is usually online.

Auto-accepted designs are also up for adoption here! Just follow the rules and post your character profile blurb and the number of the design you want in the actual thread. Once one of us accepts your character you should be good to go!

Acceptance threads are managed by the Commandant and his Outriders. If your thread has not been touched or is stalled, please send them a message to get that all worked out. A list of current acceptance threads and who is responsible for them can be found here.
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