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We All Fall Down [Open!]
« on: June 29, 2014, 06:18:09 PM »
Kobolt struggled for a second trying to get his paws under him and stand, strong legs turned into quivering jelly that shook from the effort and then collapsed under him making him expel a little whoosh of air from his aching chest. He groaned and moaned a little whimper of pain rolling onto his side and laying still, sides heaving from the exertion. Panic was slowly gathering in his chest, his heart raced and his already blurry vision swam further in and out of focus. It was not the pain that scared him, or the nauseous feeling in his stomach, or even the suspicion that something might be broken - It was something far more simple and terrifying. He didn't know how he'd gotten here. How he had ended up in this state. He blinked about in confusion unable to see much or make sense of what he could,  everything was spinning about too much. He could taste blood in his mouth and salty tears of pain, fear and frustration that slid down his face mingling with more wetness on his chin that could only be more blood.

"Mom," He squeaked quietly to himself, "Mom." A pathetic cry for help that would have been laughable from such a proud and strong creature under any other circumstances. Shaking, cold, alone and unsure his mother was the only one he could think to call for, the one who had always kissed him and cuddled him and made everything better. That's what he wanted now. A soft kiss on his blood covered forehead, comforting words telling him everything would be alright. "Mom..." Wet tears continued to fall from eyes scrunched against the pain. When he opened them again blackness had invaded the edges of his vision, creeping in slowly, "...Mom." He breathed a final plea before the blackness drowned him and he slid out of consciousness into a dark place with out dreams.

Above his limp body the cliff loomed, a steep shingle covered bank with jutting boulders topped by a grass bluff, it was not quite a vertical drop, but it came close at the top while the slope shallowed out at the bottom. Roughly thirty feet tall, the sharp pebbles had been disturbed about a third of the way down, then intermittently after that as if a large object had fallen hit the slope, bounced, bounced, rolled and come to rest in a heap on the ground at the bottom in a shower of loose grit and stones. There was a flicker of movement in the grass at the top of the cliff that could have been a creature or just the wind and a couple more pebbles came loose, clacking loudly as they bounced down the slope to fetch up against Kobolt's gently rising and falling side. Somehow Kobolt had clearly fallen from that height, but how? Was it clumsiness or calculation?

Did he fall or was he pushed?

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Re: We All Fall Down [Open!]
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2014, 08:24:49 PM »
Oh the changes to this land were insignificant to her.

She honestly didn't care how many sorts of animals poured in and out. Whether this was Stoneclaw, Asgard or her homeland Diego, none of it mattered to her. Kaija cared not for the kings or queens, or how many of each ruled -- if anything they were all the same to her -- high and mighty fanged wonders. They were fake, conceited and liars. It didn't matter how many times they told you they valued family, when it came down to it their rank meant more to them than family or love. When it came down to it, the sabres always won out in the end and the "lesser" species were forgotten... even daughters and siblings.

Why hasn't she left, you ask?
Maybe because she was still a girl that clung onto hope.... and where else would she go? She knew nothing of the world outside. As much as she didn't like it or the creatures that clung to this place along with her... this was home and that was that. No one has sought her out to tell her to leave nor to do anything. She was her own slave, with markings that resembled her father yet... she held her mother's slender form.

Now she didn't see it happen, but she heard something during her wanders around the territory. Normally she wouldn't push her nose in where it didn't belong, but for some reason, whether that be her mood or just a feeling, she veered from her regular path to investigate the out of place noise that disturbed the "peace". Her paws carried her softly, yet swiftly across the grass towards the ledge. She looked down to see a heap of sabre at the bottom. Her nose picked apart the scent as her pupils grew large with interest, her tail twitching behind her at a steady pace. She had half a mind to just walk away, this was none of her concern nor did she know the stripped figure down below. But with her eyes still large, her curiosity was definitely still piqued. Were they as stupid as they looked, or did someone push him from the cliff? Both clearly needed to be looked into, and the only way to find out which was to get her cute butt down there and find out. If he was pushed he must be important, that or just disliked and in the way.

She bowed down, paws resting just below the ledge as she actively searched for a safer way down.It wasn't a sheer drop but, she wasn't really interesting in tripping on the way down, lest she look that this unfortunate soul. She paused for a moment as her path was picked out (most of it anyway) but she supposed someone else should know. Kaija lifted her head and yowled. Not quite a roar, but it was sharp enough to carry. Surely that would grab someone's attention... and in the meantime she would try to get her answers plus maybe save this poor sod at the same time. She may resent them, but she did not wish for their death. What kind of being wishes for others to die?

Carefully the sabre mix feline made her way down to the bottom, stumbling a bit at the end. She landed with a not so very feminine grunt, chin smacking the ground and her body thumping down not long after.

Once she collected herself she carefully picked around Kobolt, coming around to his head. She will deny this, but her eyes   may have softened just a bit as she eyed all the blood on his face. His soft words faded as the tears fell from his eyes. The mixed cat lowered her head and sniffed the broad forehead. "Oh my, you poor lamb," she cooed, her words insincere. "Fate was not kind to you." Kaija suddenly just started to clean the blood from his head, her tongue rasping against his fur. She didn't know why, maybe it was just instinct... or it was proof she wasn't as cold hearted as she seemed. Though something nagged at her, a tug in her mind telling her to just walk away. Ah well... she was involved now.
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Re: We All Fall Down [Open!]
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2014, 09:47:48 PM »
Curiosity was a strange thing, when all your pent up excitement reached its conclusion, would you be pleased, or disappointed beyond repair? Surely that was not what drove the young saber. Even as his paws bounded off the earth, his effort was sorely lacking in any manner of effort. Truth be told, Ignis was bored again. Such was a common occurrence with him, and it was downright annoying. Maybe if he had something to do it would lighten his mood, just maybe. The sudden noise that caught his attention halted him; ears circled back and forth detecting the location of the call.

Once he knew where to go, he ran with a start, he didn’t know what the call was about, but he doubted that it was anything good. His paws carried him swiftly across the plains, he might have taken been going at a faster pace, but he figured he’d need to save some energy in case it was needed. As soon as he reached the top of the cliff, he carefully walked to the edge and looked down. It wasn’t too terribly deep, but good enough to cause some damage. At the bottom he saw a lady figure, and the other, someone he knew. Kobolt. How in the heck did he manage that? With a puzzled expression he looked around the scene of the possible crime, there didn’t seem to be anyone else around. So this was either an elaborate plan, or Kobolt was just being clumsy and tripped or something.

Whatever the case, Ignis took great precaution in his descent. His long tail kept him somewhat balanced down this fascinating cliffside, yet even though he thought he might take the climb a little more graceful, oh who was he kidding? He had all the grace of a fish out of water, and because of that he tripped and rolled down the remaining yard. Just great, now he looked foolish, and in front of a girl no less. His ears pinned momentarily in frustration, but upon a rough shake of his own head, he turned his attention to more pressing matters.

Carefully, he meandered towards Kobolt, taking note of where he was, and where the top of the cliff was. What a brilliant mess you got yourself into, a few years ago Ignis was in a terrible predicament himself, and it was the wayward prince who saved him. Much to Kobolt’s own dismay, or at least that was what it appeared to be. Now he could play detective, turning his head towards Kaija he asked, ”Do you know what happened?” As if she might know.

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Re: We All Fall Down [Open!]
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2014, 10:05:15 PM »

Fletcher wouldn't believe the day she was about to have even if someone had warned her.

The saber had been roused from her own inactivity, at least momentarily, at the sight of her old friend and childhood crush, Kobolt. It had renewed her, thinking about what could have been and  what they were left with now. They still had a chance at a good life, didn't they? Even if her friend had let himself go into the depths of what she could only count as depression, they could still... try to be happy! She would make an effort at it, at least, even if his side was rather lacking in that department.

She'd gone out to find the little(big) wormy prince today, eyes searching all over for his fiery coat. "Priiiincey" she growled, stalking around the dusty area, "Come on out! Let's do something today!"

But he was nowhere to be found.

Frustration budded in the girl's heart, feral brows furrowing in annoyance as she stamped around. Had he gone somewhere at the last second? I mean- hadn't it been obvious that Fletcher would try to find him, even if there were no formal plans made? It definitely should have been! His manners certainly had not improved at all, then again, neither had hers.

Thoughts were interrupted by a roar of distress, and her curiosity piqued. Kobolt could just wait, she thought, she'd waited on him. She was going to see what was going on. Heavy paws brought the tank onto a scene, what one could easily mistake for a crime scene. A smallish cat stood over a familiar orange body, and another orange saber appr----

Familiar orange body?

Eyes squinted at the body, and there was no mistaking the pelt. Orange, brown stripes, and... the smell of blood. It only took moments to register before chartreuse eyes popped open, and panic ran through the cat's veins. "KOBOLT!" she yelled, her gate picking up suddenly and hurdling her towards the group like an unstoppable train. Paws skid to a stop right before she almost collided with his body, wheeling herself around to face his front. Her face would go directly into his-- probably pushing Kaija's out of it while she tried to stare at him. "HEY! BOLT! GET UP! Come on man, we just got cozy again- There was a chance!" She sounded frantic, and obviously she wasn't a doctor of any sort, or she could tell he was still breathing. Here she was, thinking her friend was already dead.  The other two went almost ignored, as she desperately focused on the orange prince.

She couldn't lose the last person she remembered!
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