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Saboro / Re: above the clouds of pompeii (RI - escape*)
« Last post by Sherry on October 28, 2017, 11:59:44 AM »
Sherry cursed herself for her stupidity as she limped painfully through the red jungle. That had to be, without a doubt, the dumbest crap she had ever done in her entire life. Fire radiated from her leg, pain pouring through her and wrapping around her like red hot lava. She wanted to scream and cry and rage in agony but she clenched her teeth and suffered in silence, minus the few whimpers of pain that slipped from her from time to time.

Sherry needed to get to the Chemist, one of them would know what to do. Hopefully they'd give her enough painkillers to knock her out so that she could sleep through the worst of the pain. This is what she got for doing something selfless for the first time in her life. A busted leg. Nero owed her big time after this. If it weren't for his two idiot children she wouldn't be in this position, would she? Ugh.

Why was it that puppies were constantly out to ruin her life? First Aster now these guys. Was she ever going to catch a break? Life had been nothing but hell since she'd joined this blood thristy jungle. It had tried its best to crush her, destroy her, snuff her out but she refused to give them the satistfaction. Sherry would be something someday. Just to prove them all wrong.

A childs screeching caught her attention and she scowled immediately. Some brat was running through the jungle calling for someone named Hircine or Tessen. Silver eyes narrowed as she scanned the surroundings for signs of the little girl. Ferns shook violently as Jezebel ran past her heading not towards the inner rings but towards the borders. Hm. Intuition told her to follow and follow she did, albeit slowly and painfully.

Her injured leg kept her from running to catch up so she arrived only in time to see Jezebel scurry out past Keanu. Keanu looked uncharacteristically nervous, her body held in a way that showed her uncertainty and it took all of two seconds for Sherry to figure out what was going on. "You.. BITCH." Sherry shouted, spit flying from her lips as rage bubbles up inside of her chest. "YOU effING COWARDS!" Here she was, a lowly effing SLAVE saving puppies and breaking her body and KEANU was, the effing PEREGRINE and she turns tail in a crisis and runs? More than anything Sherry wishes that she could race across the distance between them and launch herself at Keanu's face. Jealousy and hurt swirl around her heart as she flings her venom at the two faced bitch who had promised to help her. "I'll KILL YOU! Run as far as you like, you know we'll find you Keanu!" She roars, breathing heavily, trembling with the force of her fury.

Powerless to stop her, Sherry watches helplessly as Keanu escapes. The last little bit of trust she had crumbles to ash and blows away with the wind. She had trusted Keanu, the first person who had shown her what it meant to be kind. To be a friend. And she had betrayed that trust. Keanu had shown her true colors in the end and Sherry was left the fool who had believed in her lies.

It left a bitter taste in her mouth.
Saboro / Re: above the clouds of pompeii (RI - escape*)
« Last post by Blondie on October 06, 2017, 12:58:30 PM »
How effing dare you
Saboro / Re: above the clouds of pompeii (RI - escape*)
« Last post by Lux on October 06, 2017, 12:45:38 PM »
Saboro was not a place for those who held onto particular expectations of safety. The world was a spiteful and outmaneuvering wench, constantly crafting havoc for her children and destroying stability with all the grace of the drunk and fallen. Luxanna had never been a positive wolf. She was bitter, mostly kept to herself, and blood-washed. She’d grown to maturity during a time where mercy was an irrelevant unnatural phenomenon and love, at least the concept of it, was completely absent.

So then, why, was she able to dredge up some semblance of care when the massive creatures had attacked them? Had scattered their circle and destroyed what little floating ease she’d managed to hold onto? She’d been content, for one moment. Absent of the haunting pressure of her failure and the silence that consumed her mentality. For a moment, a brief moment, there had been color and vibrancy and dare she even recognize it—happiness.

She’d wanted to share that with someone, a particular someone. That… that someone who she’d been waiting on with aching chest and a brilliant smile—goodness, when had she last smiled?—when she’d finally finally relaxed enough with her brother to feel something other than pessimism.  She knew, then, somewhere within her that… that maybe, maybe this was it. That this one little party she’d been far to grumpy and mostly to anxious to approve of, would bring them together in a way they hadn’t been since her Father had held barely stable reigns of his false-family.

They were family again, Bane and herself.

She could add to it. She could think back on those moments that had struck her with fear and loathing and gently begin to peel back the layers and grasp some thread of healing.

Then, of course, terror had struck.

But she was emboldened, passionate. Her blood was singing even as her heart rattled in her chest. For once, for once she felt brave out of more than just her self-imposed need to force herself to act and punish her own body to atone for Kevvie. For once she wanted to move, to live for those who counted on her. Those who needed her.

She needed her!

So she ran and scrambled, separated form the collective she had enjoyed time with earlier to look for the children that were in her care---why, why was it always children?

Spectres!” She called to them, hoping, hoping that they hadn’t been crushed underfoot somewhere or or..


She swallowed a croak, dragged a bruised body forward—her idea of distracting some of the creatures aside, she was at least not completely torn asunder by the massive feet and power of the brutes. She hoped… she hoped that they would not be broken again, not destroyed as they’d been when the volcano erupted because she just wasn’t sure how much more damage the kingdom could take---

And then she saw her, red and beautiful and—

And relief like no other shifted through her. Gods above, she had been waiting and waiting and waiting to see her. She had been pathetic in her… her obsession, knowing that she had to be patient, that she felt undeserving of… of emotion and affection but this night, this one night with the bravery of burning nectar in her belly she’d felt like…

It didn’t matter. She was just so happy she wasn’t dead. That there wasn’t one more thing she’d learned, and accepted, to love bobbing in the marshes with glassy eyes and a thick blue tongue.

She began to move forward, her position---elevated, a slight cliff—easily allowed her to watch Keanu creep around the border and Lux nodded fiercely as she looked for a safe way to climb down and get to her, to help her. She was no doubt trying to keep people within their space. There was no need to doubt Keanu’s reliance and care for the land. She had, after all, talked with her long into the night—the night of the spectre childrens discovery—about the importance of structure, discipline, and a respect for the natural order.

But just as she snorted and decided that, no, climbing down a cliff wasn’t a very smart idea and maybe she should call out to her companion—because, because, she couldn’t sit here and pretend to be happy anymore with just friendship and closeness. Because she had lost more than her tail saving Keanu and Neried, she had lost some old crumbling portion of her that was poisoning and strangling and… and well, with life constantly tossing obsticales in the way there was no way she’d waste time hiding her true feelings—and let her know she would come down to help and have a talk…..

Well, the wolf in question was…

Keanu?” Lux murmured, head tilted, gaze narrowed as the Peregrine began to motion toward others to… to leave? As even Jezebel swept in front of her, eager to depart?



Oh no, no, no, no—

Her mind was trapped in a spiral, her heart beat rapidly, a painful jacked up hammer that made her ribs rattle and her breath come out in a manic wheeze. Her mentality twisted, trying to figure out if there was a valid reason for Keanu to take so many oddities beyond the land with her at a time like this but the ache in her chest, the one that spread out to all her limbs and made her feel so… so

STuPid and fOoLIsh

For believing, needing, begging for Kevvie to grant her peace and let this wolf love someone like her

Bile rolled in her belly, her muscles grew tense, and somebody—was it her?—keened loudly. So much sorrow, so much agony, an emotional weight that made her legs feel weak and her body tremble. She should stop her, she should go down this cliff and stop her, she should kill and rend and tear her apart but, but, but—

But the wolf was leaving and with her a piece of Lux as well, hope she suspected, as the pain curled through her brain like a snapping sharp whip, beating and beating and beating—

While Kevvie’s ghost hovered out the corner of her eye and sighed in dreamy wistful manner—so foolish.

KEANU!” Luxanna screeched, her voice an echoing warble, no doubt displacing birds and any other beast that had managed to stay behind, but the sound trails off in a wail of uuuuuuuuuuuu as she stumbles forward, trapped by the chains of her duty and the harsh driving claws of her pathetic love.

She tumbled, flopped, rolled down the cliff with a lack of grace and flailing limbs and… but even the physical pain of battering her body on the rocks and sharp edges was nothing compared to the spreading heat of her despair, of the betrayal that thickened her tongue and made her eyes glisten and and and and—

Her meaty thump at the bottom of the cliff would, perhaps, go unnoticed and for awhile, the physical pain of the fall does consumer her. Something is broken, she can’t tell if it’s bone or spirit, and she lays there quietly for a moment, barely aware that she is sobbing, devoured, twisted at her core by the strangling grasp of fleeing hope and perverse optimism.

It isn’t until Kevvie’s ghost stands beside her, looks at her, and smiles, that she breaks.

It isn’t until that ghost parts her muzzle to whisper a soft—did you think she… that any of us, could love you enough to stay? Here? That we loved you at all?—that she curls up, disobeying her screaming nerves, and sobs.

At the bottom of her hill of dreams.

"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry--"

Neutral Territory / Re: The Woods Get What They Want [Open; South Team]
« Last post by Scapegoat on October 05, 2017, 08:33:51 AM »
(Sorry I took so long to post in here again, I was waitin to see if anyone else wanted to leap in first. O: Anyone still can of course, and I'll go back to my proper order!!)

Scapegoat laughed softly as Jesse passed him, his unusual good mood bolstered by the coywolf's energy. As the dark-bellied canine led them on, he glanced around them; half out of healthy paranoia and half to really drink in their surroundings. It was a beautiful place. It wasn't all that different geographically speaking to the area that he'd spent his puppy-hood, but the warm colors of the rocks and the richness of the tree's barks was a stark contrast to the iron gray and colder hues of his birth territory.

"Have you passed this way before?" he asked conversationally as Jesse pointed out the scenery, his head tilted slightly so that his ragged ears flopped.

The climb itself was not very difficult and didn't prove to be much a challenge; that was fine by the Scapegoat, who was still looking around like the half-matured beast that he was, full of suspense and suspicion and wonder. The less he had to watch his own feet the more he could be looking everywhere else! The strange, human-like structures that Jesse had let go unspoken he picked up on as well-- but they were weird enough to him (like Borogrove's human structures had been and to a degree still were) that he thought that they bore mentioning.

"Oi, you see that?!" he barked, rearing himself up onto his back legs like a spotting meerkat, "Are those-- the human things. 'Houses'? Why are they... Like.. that?"

Was that the right word? He didn't know. But there the albino went, excited about something before they'd even reached their final destination.
well I certainly don't mind it continuing ^^,
Nardir / Re: earthshift | pack plot start (read)
« Last post by Puffin on October 03, 2017, 09:56:10 PM »
This thread will continue here and not be moved over. All search party threads and subsequent plot threads will be started on the new forum, started by people volunteering with characters to be rescued.
Gemini / Re: red eyes [ACCEPTANCE]
« Last post by Gyr on October 03, 2017, 09:29:43 PM »
(Yes! Thank you sorry its taken me a bit!!)
Gemini / Re: red eyes [ACCEPTANCE]
« Last post by Memes on October 03, 2017, 09:06:43 AM »
(want to continue this on the new forum? if so, I'll remake it with my new post with Mammon and link it here. up to you, though!)
Inaria / Re: the butterfly effect [ACCEPTANCE]
« Last post by Memes on October 03, 2017, 08:59:51 AM »
(do you want to continue this here or on the new forum? if the latter, I'll repost the last post I made over there. up to you, though!)
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