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Title: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Hayley on October 29, 2012, 04:38:26 AM

This is a fight thread between Thunderstrike ( of Haninsho and Blitzblade ( of Almas Rotas over Unclaimed Land #1 (20 sq. mi). This is a ONE versus ONE CONSENT fight. Each side may bring one supporter and witness to the fight - supporters/witnesses are not allowed to enter the fight at any time.

The marshland fight rules apply. Please make sure you have read over all rules regarding posting requirements on length, spelling and grammar. Please write your fight posts out as detailed and clear as possible. At anytime an organizer may lock the thread if a complaint is made that requires the thread to be reread. Unless an action by a fighter is deemed quite serious, each fighter may be asked to make corrections to posts involving vague/hard to understand statements within the post, autos etc. These are individually determined by one or more organizers.

Each individual has the right to edit their fight post any time within FIVE HOURS from the time they posted it. Any editing of a post after five hours without the okay of an organizer is automatic loss.

After these six weeks are up, a poster fails to post within the ten days, or a character dies, the fight thread automatically ends.

This fight thread ends on DECEMBER 10TH.
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Blitzblade on October 31, 2012, 01:43:37 AM
    Tank like form, trudged along the grounds of the Marshlands. His Eyes glistening as the lightning struck and flashed over head. Rain began to fall slowly wetting the ground. He stopped for a moment and looked up and the sky and smiled. This was gonna be a good day. He was in a wooded area. Lit a forest but not as thick. He slowly walked and stopped. Waiting for his opponent to arrive. This Old soldier was ready. Ready for what was to come. He had been beaten down and Bruised. He was alone and he came back stronger. He felt like nothing could stop him. Like a horse he smacked his paws against the ground splashing mud and water.

    It was time to think seriously, what was his advantage, he looked around and looked for defensible areas, escape routs, things to use to his advantage. He was seeing opportunities and tools. This challenger would have a fight to remember. If Blitzblade did fall, this challenger would remember his name. He was fighting for his land, the land his son died for. There was no way he was going to let the land fall to someone who didn't deserve it. No one will take it away.

    Suddenly the sky cracked open and Unleashed its fury. Lightning struck a tree not far from him. He jumped to his left away form the bolt. The tree burst into flames and fell. It wasn't too wet not to catch on fire. It burned and emitted a bright light that warmed the area a bit. He looked at the flaming tree as the fire spread. He was ready to fight, and he had nothing but time. All he had to do was wait for the challenger to arrive. it was going to be quite a  night.

Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Sukara (2 RPs) on October 31, 2012, 10:59:26 PM
[[ did beldam leave the invasion? ]]

She's basically flying overhead, watching the others from AR try to escape. So yes and no since she's out of fighting range by being in the sky. Though she said shed attack, in the invasion thread, should any ED wolves break through and go after the ones escaping.  Soooo I dunno, depends? @.@

[[ i just always thought/believed that unless you made an official and successful leave from an invasion, you're considered tied to it, since you've no control over any reactions by others. ]]

Good point, since I didn't really think about what if anyone else would try to attack her before she flew out of reach. I'll PM Dragoil and tell her to save and remove her post due to the matter. Sorry about that @.@

(( Done, NP, but I have it saved in case I can come back in, IF no-one catches her.))
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: ThunderStrike on November 01, 2012, 10:25:17 AM
A storm. There would be a storm. And soon. The arctic's gaze traveled up to the sky, as he observed the lightning streaking across it. Though others might have felt that this was a bad sign, a storm on the day and hour of the fight, the arctic couldn't help but feel a sense of calmness come over him. A thunderstorm. That was what he was named after. Thunder and lightning striking down in the middle of a thunderstorm.

As the arctic approached the place where he would be fighting the lord of Almas Rotas over the piece of land, he couldn't help but wonder. Was it worth it? Was the bloodshed worth it just to establish a sanctuary for others? Was there any other way that this could be solved without injury? A lifetime of fighting would probably have made others think differently - it would probably have made them think that fighting was everything - but not for this wolf. Fighting had cost him his eye. Caused him to be separated him his family. Just because he wasn't allowed to have had a mate outside of the pack, he'd been demoted and his eye taken. But now, things would be different. With the new pack that he was going to establish.

ThunderStrike would spot the blackblood ahead of him. So that would be his opponent...A member of that species of huge wolves... This would be hard. "Hello there. I believe that you are to be my opponent?" Yes. He would ask first, in order to make sure. The arctic did not want to waste time with questions, but he did not want to end up fighting the wrong wolf even more.

"I am called ThunderStrike." the arctic would offer his name in a gesture of friendship. Even if he lost the fight, he would still want to be on good terms with his opponent. After all, one couldn't have too many friends, right?

If the blackblood replied his question with a yes, the arctic would then dip his head, saying "May the best warrior win!", before leaping forwards in an attempt to pin the other wolf down. If his attempt to pin the other wolf down succeeded, the battle scarred arctic would then (gently but firmly) clasp his jaws around the blackbloods left foreleg, so that he could still see the movements of the wolf with his working eye. If his attempt at pinning the other wolf failed, the arctic would then turn to headbutt Blitzblade in the stomach, hoping that the hit would cause the blackblood to reel back. ThunderStrike would then reach out to bite down onto the blackblood's tail, and hang on, hoping to minimize the movements of the other wolf.

[So basically:
-ThunderStrike attempts to pin Blitzblade down on his back
-if the attempt succeeds, he will firmly bite down onto Blitzblade's left foreleg, though the bite will not be enough to draw blood.
-if the attempt to pin Blitzblade down fails, ThunderStrike would attempt to headbutt BlitzBlade's stomach.
-if that attempt succeeds, ThunderStrike would then bite BlitzBlade's tail, so as to minimize movement.

I hope that wasn't too confusing.]
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Blitzblade on November 09, 2012, 06:53:28 PM
    Blitzblade finally put his eyes on hos opponent. He was smaller than he thought he would be. Blitzblade had more than 30lbs on him, and stood 3 inches taller. he felt a little more confident at this thought now, but at the same time he was careful. Evaluating the situation, he knew that he was gonna be slower than Thunderstrike. But Blitzblade -being the tank he was- knew that if he ever got a good hold on him there was nothing he could do. But he refused to kill this wolf. There was no need for blood to be drawn. Blitzblade respected this wolf for having the courage and the heart to come and challenge for land. It was the same headstrong attitude that was prevalent in his son before he died. It took strength to do this, to throw yourself into danger for something you believe in. For the ones who follow you, the ones that look up to you. Blitzblade would hate smashing this ones dreams. He wouldn't let his sons land be taken from them. Besides,he was here first.

    "Hello there. I believe that you are to be my opponent?" Blitzblade bowed his head to his opponent in honor. Honor for a fellow warrior, a young warrior."I am called ThunderStrike." Blitzblade Looked at the Warriors walk, the way he carried himself. His stance was poised for attack. "Yes, I am Blitzblade." Blitzblade looked over at the fallen and burning tree, he could hear the raindrops evaporating as they made contact with the burning three, and the fire began to spread to the next tree, more slower now because of how wet it was.  "I suppose we should get started before the flames consume us both."

    Blitzblade began to side step in a circling motion around Thunderstrike, maintaining his distance (about 6 feet away). "May the best warrior win!" He said, and not a moment later rushed at Blitzblade trying to pin him to the ground. Blitzblade pivoted to the left just before he came too close to him. As Thunderstrike passed in front of him Blitzblade attempted to Slam his head into his ribs a trying to Knock Thunder over or at least knock the wind out of him. Giving Blitzblade time to rear up and come down with all his weight and try grab the back of of Thunders neck, and pin him to the ground His his Weight to keep him down. If his head butt missed he would Rebound back avoiding any slashing or biting attack he would send his way then come back at him swiping at his face with his claws aiming for his eyes, then trying to go for his going for his foreleg attempting to grab on and pull trying to set him off balance.
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: ThunderStrike on November 10, 2012, 07:54:46 AM
His (ThunderStrike) move had missed. But perhaps it was because he had been too straightforward, too concentrated on the battle ahead of him, that he forgot about not letting the opponent see his moves before he made them. As such, the arctic would ensure that he kept a level head throughout the rest of the battle.

As ThunderStrike moved past the blackblood - momentum from the rush carrying him forwards - , the arctic's blindness in his right eye caused him to be unable to notice the blackblood's headbutt. However, he was fast enough so that the headbutt hit his shoulders instead of his ribs. As BlitzBlade's head impacted with the arctic's right shoulder, the impact caused the arctic to be knocked aside, thus missing BlitzBlade's attempt to slam down on top of him.

Catching his balance quickly, the arctic would then lunge for the blackblood, jaws aimed for BlitzBlade's neck, before making a last minute swerve to the right to attempt to sink his fangs into the blackblood's shoulder, hindering the blackblood's movement. If his attempt at biting Blitzblade's shoulder succeeded, the arctic would then lift his forepaws up and attempt to slam them down on the blackblood, thus bringing his full weight down on Blitzblade's left side.

If ThunderStrike's bite to the shoulder missed, the arctic would then attempt to bite down one of the blackblood's legs, before attempting to pull the leg that he'd grabbed out from under Blitzblade. If that was successful, the arctic would then attempt to hold the blackblood down by pinning him.

[So basically, BlitzBlade's headbutt hit, but on ThunderStrike's right shoulder instead of the ribs/chest. Because of this, Blitzblade's attempt to slam down on ThunderStrike is not successful due to the headbutt having knocked ThunderStrike away slightly.

•Attack 1
-ThunderStrike lunges for BlitzBlade's neck, but makes a last-minute/sudden swerve to the right and attempts the bite BlitzBlade's shoulder.
-If that fails, ThunderStrike will attempt to grab and pull one of BlitzBlade's legs out from under him.

•Attack 2
-If ThunderStrike's attempt at biting BlitzBlade's shoulder succeeds, he will then lift up his forepaws and slam his full weight on Blitsblade's left side.
-Assuming that ThunderStrike's attempt to grab and pull one of Blitzblade's legs out from under him succeeds, ThunderStrike would then attempt to pin the blackblood down, since he would have fallen when his legs were pulled out from under him.

I hope this makes it more understandable.]
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Blitzblade on November 20, 2012, 03:24:37 AM
((Shorter than my usual. Sorry Im out of town Moving))

    His head made contact knocking him of balance a bit, he had missed his target but hit none the less. He wouldn't complain or bask in the moment. Thunderstrike used his hit to move out of the way so he didn't land on him like he wanted to and before he knew it Thunderstrike was going for his neck then changed direction towards his shoulder. He was ready for that. In seconds, Thunderstrike' fangs were embedded in his right shoulder. The pain shocked him and shivered up his spine to his head, It caught him off guard and he gave out a small yelp but he didn't let that distract him for too long. he was latched onto his shoulder, Blitzblade took this opportunity to Bend his head down and try to Latch onto his neck and lock onto him, and Push down with his weight on him stopping him from jumping up. He would either have to let go or risk losing this early.

    If he let go of him. Blitzblade would rush at him, aiming for his left shoulder then he would duck down and aim to try lock onto his right shoulder and put all his weight into it and knock him over onto his back. If he succeeded Blitzblade would bat at his face with his claws, then try to lock his jaws around his neck not trying to kill him or cause any damage just to pin him down. If he laid to latch onto his shoulder he would charge at him and attempt to swipe at his face again then ram his head into his chest hopefully causing a significant amount of pain enough to disorient him, so Blitzblade could bring his head up fast trying to  his head into his chin then he would move over to his right side and try to lock his jaws around his neck.
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: ThunderStrike on November 20, 2012, 08:24:57 AM
A savage satisfaction filled the arctic as his fangs successfully embedded themselves in the blackblood's shoulder. An urge to shake his head and maim the opponent filled the arctic, though he resisted it. Just as the arctic was wondering what to do next, he spotted the blackblood's jaws lunging for him. Instinctively, ThunderStrike would let go of his firm grip on BlitzBlade's shoulder, leaping back to avoid the lunge.

Just as he leapt back though, the arctic saw a flash of movement, and spotted the blackblood aiming for him. Dodging to a side, the arctic would avoid BlitzBlade's attempt to latch onto his shoulder. However, ThunderStrike would prove to be a tad too inattentive, as the blackblood's claws swiped at his face, leaving a set of bloodied lines across his muzzle. As the arctic stumbled back, partly in shock and partly in pain, he would be hit full on in the chest by the blackblood's headbutt, thus sending him reeling back in pain. His pain would be forgotten, however, as the arctic jerked his head sharply to a side, avoiding the blackblood's attempt to headbutt him on the chin. As he did so, however, the soft flesh at the arctic's throat would be loosely grabbed by the blackblood's fangs. Throwing his weight back onto his paws, ThunderStrike would tear himself away from the blackblood's grip, though a line of crimson blood would drip slowly down his neck.

BlitzBlade was a damn good fighter, and ThunderStrike knew it now from experience. After the Lord of Almas Rotas' continuous barrage of attacks had paused, the arctic started his own attacks.

Lunging for the blackblood's now exposed throat, the arctic would attempt to latch firmly onto the soft flesh, and force the larger wolf down with that. If his attempt failed, however, the arctic would then attempt to ram his left shoulder into the blackblood's body, using the full force of his weight to attempt to knock the large wolf over. If that attempt succeeded, ThunderStrike would then attempt to lunge for the blackblood's throat, in an attempt to pin the wolf down. If his attempt to knock the blackblood over failed, ThunderStrike would then attempt to grab hold of one of BlitzBlade's legs, and would attempt to pull the leg out from under the larger wolf if he succeeded.

[Sorry if this is a little hard to understand.]

[Edited with MO permission.]
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: pride on December 03, 2012, 04:50:08 PM
Quick question, since I noticed this, but you forgot to acknowledge Blitzblade's last attack for the neck. I understand that Thunderstrike dodged the headbutt to the chin but his neck is still exposed and well in range for that attack to be attempted. If your confused as to what attack I mean, it's listed below. Could you please acknowledge it or explained to me how it had missed? Just curious

Blitzblad Attack 4 4/4 Combo: then he would move over to his right side and try to lock his jaws around his neck. 

Other then that the rest was easily understood. ^_^


((Yeah what about the neck grab. It wasn't acknowledged.))

gonna put this officially on hold until the problem is solved.

[Sorry for the hold-up. I've been busy for the past few days.

Blitzblade could bring his head up fast trying to  his head into his chin then he would move over to his right side and try to lock his jaws around his neck.

Since it wasn't stated, I assumed that the locking of jaws around ThunderStrike's neck would only apply if the headbutt to the chin hit. And since it did not, well, i didn't think I needed to mention it into my post. I could edit my post if needed though.]

By the way its written in Blitzblades post it doesnt sound like the chin attack needed to hit for him to attempt the neck attack. Not only that but the neck is still exposed and in range for the attack itself and so it wouldn't make sense for Blitzblade to miss the chin and then just do nothing. It's a fluent motion. I'll wait for an MOs decision but I personally think it should be edited in because it'd make sense for the neck attack to still be attempted

[If the MOs would allow me to (seeing the fight rules of editing the post five hours from the time of posting), I would edit my post to fit in the neck-grab. This was a misunderstanding on my part, I see now, and I think I should correct my mistake.]

I have no problem with the edit but seeings how its my pack I have no MO say in this. I don't think they'd mind but I don't want to get you in trouble by doing it without confirmation. I'm pretty sure your good to edit though, since we both acknowledge that it needs done

Go ahead and edit. (:

Looks good, but next time can you inform your opponent and MO when the edit was made?
That way everyones on the same page as to when the edit was done and approved. Thanks

Please do let us know about any future edits when you make them after being given permission.

This fight can resume. Blitzblade has a modified deadline of five days from this post, exact time, to reply.

Condensing OOC.

Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: Blitzblade on December 08, 2012, 05:56:45 PM
    His Attacks were calculated and strong. He was a good fighter. He was a worthy foe for him.  He kept his head level so he didnt expose his neck. When Thunderstrike lunged for his throat (Which wasn't exposed) he ended up going for his face. Bliztblade  ducked his head down and turned his head and ducked neck to Thunders left side in an attempt to bite his shoulder, but he was halted when Thunderstrike rammed into his shoulder sending him back. His jaws snapped at the air missing his target. His footing was strong so he didn't fall over but he was sent back. Blitzblade used his back legs and pivoted around to Thundestrike's  right side (at a distance of no more than 6 inches) just as he went down to bite his leg.

    Thunderstrike was was quick to go for places Blitzblade wasn't ready for. He was a thinker, maybe he would grow to become a great tactician. But Blitzblade was here to win.

    Blitblade took the moment while Thunderstrike's head was down to lunge for his neck his great speed, maw open wide and his head careening towards Thunderstrikes neck he attempt to lock his Jaws firmly around his neck and pin him to the ground. Being so close there was no reason why it shouldn't work, but if he missed he would retreat and then Go back in and attempt to bite down on his right paw and yank back with all his weight and pull him over. Then he would go again for his neck, attempting pin him to the ground. If he failed at grabbing him, he would retreat and walk a few steps back and wait for him to make the next move. This fight was going on longer than he wanted it to, and the rain was making it harder, and the fire was growing. It was time to end this.
Title: Re: Thunderstrike vs. Blitzblade
Post by: pride on December 08, 2012, 06:10:15 PM
[ooc]I'm sorry I didn't call this sooner.

Due to Blitzblade's failure to post within the five day deadline, exact date and time, we'd like to declare Haninsho the winner of this fight. Congratulations!

Please provide Corgwyn with the name of your board, board descriptions, and any needed sub-boards, as well as the names of all Alpha accounts. Your grace period will start as soon as your board is put up.[/ooc]