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Title: The Woods Get What They Want [Open; South Team]
Post by: Dusty Forgotten on September 12, 2017, 11:34:14 AM
{This is for the Borogrove expansion scouts! If you'd like to introduce your character, be recruited, incite some conflict, let me know, and I'll discuss with the rest of South Team!}

The narrow channel opens its maw as soon as the ragtag group lose sight of Borogrove behind them. From what Amando can tell (can't see far, for the trees) this valley runs between the mountains. Maybe it stops at some taller range, the sea, drops off into depths lower than hell, or maybe it even leads to the outside world. There's a peculiar pull in his chest at the thought.

"Would you look at these beauties..." he muses, brushing his side against the base of a sequoia. It's larger around than Amando is long, and his eyes trace the ground where the roots might stretch. There's not nearly enough space between them, unless... "It's all the same root system."

Interest piqued, the timbre wolf canters along the rim of the valley, where it meets the mountains, and sees nothing but redwood, reaching up to brush the edges of the troposphere. His mouth hangs open with the realization this is all the same organism. If he can just get some time alone with one...

"There's something to the west," he announces to the rest of the party, trotting back to meet them. "Looks like a cliff face."

As much as can be gained from groves like this, it's worth nothing if there's someone else watching them from the high ground. "Check it out?"
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Post by: Scapegoat on September 13, 2017, 11:15:25 PM
The Scapegoat followed amicably alongside the timber wolf at the start of their journey, with Borogrove still barely visible. He would get to scouting once there was something truly unfamiliar to them, he thought; for a short stretch here, though, they were all really just stretching their legs. He kept a fairly wide -- what he considered "polite"-- berth around the rest of the members of the party, his head up and his gait loose.

When Amando broke the silence as they closed in on the redwoods, the Scapegoat watched him, head tilted slightly. His own silence was not unfriendly-- he wagged his sinuous tail slightly at the wolf's enthusiasm, perhaps quietly appreciating the excitement outside of the context of the religious zeal with which the town he'd found himself in was run. Enjoying the world for its own sake was something that he hadn't had the chance to do for too long. So to the timber's rhetorical suggestion he did look, half-prancing a circle around the tree and then rearing up and planting his huge paws on the trunk while he gazed up into the canopy until they started moving again.

He followed at an easy lope, stopping short when Amando came trotting back to meet them again. He perked his tattered ears-- there, then, was something to scout.

"Aye," he replied simply, peering over the wolf's head and into the west. Wasn't much to be seen from here, but that was sort of a given. He glanced around to the rest of the party, stalling a few seconds so that anyone else that wanted to volunteer could speak up, and then headed out towards the cliff at a lazy trot.
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Post by: Jesse ★ on September 18, 2017, 08:35:19 PM
The outside world was still very much fresh in Jesse's mind, he recognized the land that lay beyond Borogrove as they departed, only beginning to see unfamiliar land when they walked further out. It was beautiful, really. Not that their current packlands was not, it had personality, but perhaps they could find something more, something even more fitting for the little religious pack so quickly growing.

The giant trees were certainly a good sign, the coywolf craned his neck to try and see the top of them as he wakled, nearly walking straight into the hellion that trotted ahead of him. He chuckled as an apology, ears perking up to watch Amando run back to them, looking genuinely excited. "Somethin' interestin'? A whole lotta big trees is what I'm seeing. It's nice, but maybe a tad' bit unlike what we had." after all, they all got so used to their little town, to the open spaces.

"There's something to the west, looks like a cliff face."

"Then up we go." Jesse moved a bit quicker than Scapegoat, eager to see what the cliff held on top of it. He had a feeling it wasn't more of those tall ass trees.  Cliffs, when big enough, could be a great place to house a community.  And nothing stopped them from taking the forest with them. He looked back at his team, a coutesy glance he would throw them every ten or so minutes to make sure everyone wa son the same age.

With a bit of traveling, Jesse's pink eyes would finally take in what they were after. "Well would you look at that, red cliffs. Haven't seen these in a while." his eyes trailed up the rock, smooth and warm. "Think there's somethin' on top. Somethin' familiar." the rocks were flat and sturdy under Jesse's paws as he pushed forward, eyes trying to catch a glimpse of a pack or pride, or any civilization at all as they continued their way up the cliff.

There were many convenient flat areas as they went, and he could have sworn he spotted a few strangely human structures here and there. He didn't mention it however, deciding instead to focus on slowly leading up the cliffs, ears up to detect anyone not in their little group.
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Post by: Scapegoat on October 05, 2017, 08:33:51 AM
(Sorry I took so long to post in here again, I was waitin to see if anyone else wanted to leap in first. O: Anyone still can of course, and I'll go back to my proper order!!)

Scapegoat laughed softly as Jesse passed him, his unusual good mood bolstered by the coywolf's energy. As the dark-bellied canine led them on, he glanced around them; half out of healthy paranoia and half to really drink in their surroundings. It was a beautiful place. It wasn't all that different geographically speaking to the area that he'd spent his puppy-hood, but the warm colors of the rocks and the richness of the tree's barks was a stark contrast to the iron gray and colder hues of his birth territory.

"Have you passed this way before?" he asked conversationally as Jesse pointed out the scenery, his head tilted slightly so that his ragged ears flopped.

The climb itself was not very difficult and didn't prove to be much a challenge; that was fine by the Scapegoat, who was still looking around like the half-matured beast that he was, full of suspense and suspicion and wonder. The less he had to watch his own feet the more he could be looking everywhere else! The strange, human-like structures that Jesse had let go unspoken he picked up on as well-- but they were weird enough to him (like Borogrove's human structures had been and to a degree still were) that he thought that they bore mentioning.

"Oi, you see that?!" he barked, rearing himself up onto his back legs like a spotting meerkat, "Are those-- the human things. 'Houses'? Why are they... Like.. that?"

Was that the right word? He didn't know. But there the albino went, excited about something before they'd even reached their final destination.