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Title: I like the way you move [PRP]
Post by: Anky on August 30, 2017, 01:14:56 PM
A refreshing breath of air whisks across the white-capped ocean, escorted by the salty aroma of the sea. Waves lapped over the narrow bit of land that connected the shore to a small island off Gemini's coast. Low tide had given birth to the natural land bridge but the ocean would want to reclaim her hold on the tiny island soon enough. So Anky made his way back to the mainland, black paws padding through the shallow water stirring up sand and clouding the clear water. It would have been easy enough for the whale tailed hellion to swim his way back to shore but he wanted to enjoy the feel of walking over the water. It was a unique vantage point, on either side of the sand bridge he could see schools of fish swimming along and the occasional patch of coral clinging to an outcropping of rocks, smaller fish darting in and out of the shelter the coral provided. The ocean was a wonderful place, truly Anky's first love.

Anky reached the beach before giving a quick shake and continuing his daily beach walk. The black sand beach had once been new and foreign to him but now he greeted it like an old friend, it had become familiar and comforting to the newcomer. As he trotted briskly along the shore, just beyond the steady ebb and flow of the tide, the hellhound spotted a sea bird perched on a bit of driftwood, back toward the boy. A grin crept across his maw as he slowed to a jog, crouching as he snuck up on the snoozing creature, the crunch of the sand muffled beneath his large paws. Closing the gap quickly and silently, he pulled in a breath as he lined himself up directly behind the bird and with a playful howl he launched himself at the bird.

The poor bird erupted into a fury of feathers and startled squawks as it took to the sky to escape the would be attacker. Anky chuckled as he laid over the log, his front legs resting on the top and his back legs still in the sand, watching the bird fly off. Bye bird, he called. It was about this time he noticed the approaching stranger, Anky offered a friendly Hello hello!!as he slid off the log. Taking a few steps forward to meet them, this was somebody he hadn't met yet but they smelled of the pack so he put his Ranger hat to the side. Figuratively speaking that is, don't be silly, wolves don't wear hats.
Title: Re: I like the way you move [PRP]
Post by: Echo. on August 31, 2017, 02:49:22 AM
Everyone in Gemini had their own lives, they were free to do as they pleased when they pleased.  However, this fact did not sit very well with Echo, especially since he had a charge once, and this charge had been set free of sorts and was now wandering around Gemini doing god knows what.  Probably frightening children.  Even if she was, Echo had found himself thinking about her often, even if their first meeting was filled with distain, and awkward bloody smiles. 

There was something about Huckleberry that Echo just couldn't put his toe bean on. 

So, since the little spat between Absinthe and Serrate, Echo had kept his distance as to let the girls settle themselves before speaking to either of them again and figure out what the hell he was supposed to do next. He had been meandering around for weeks (days really he over exaggerates) and wanted to see if maybe Huckleberry would be down for some more stick chewing, that way they could both look like raging maniacs and scare small children together. 

The last place Echo had tough to check would be the black sand beaches, mostly because he had some reservations about being too near to the water, but if Huckleberry was there, he'd brave a god damn typhoon.  Why? He had no idea.  Feelings maybe? eff who knows. 

As he made his way around the beach, he heard a howl, and ears perked up, maybe it was Absinthe? Legs moved with gusto in the direction of the howl, and the slightly growing grin he held on his face at the thought of having a sarcasm battle died off about as quickly as Tauro and Kayira did. 

"Hello hello!!"

Heaving a heavy sigh of disappointment, but not wanting to be rude, Echo returned this- what was that tail? He stopped, and couldn't help but stare at this wolf-thing, he wasn't familiar with.  Though he smelled of Gemini.  "I- Uh- What.... Hello. Sorry. Hi."  He stammered out, for the first time like, ever, he was at a loss for words.  He cleared his throat.  "Sorry I thought you were somethin-ONE... SOMEONE else..""
Title: Re: I like the way you move [PRP]
Post by: Anky on September 01, 2017, 08:06:49 PM
Missing the disappointment etched on the male's face, Anky grinned widely as he turned and waved his tail a bit, letting the new friend get a better look. His tail always seemed to be a point of interest whenever he met new friends, he'd gotten quite used to the staring. It's pretty cool, right? he offered with a chuckle.

I- Uh- What.... Hello. Sorry. Hi. Sorry I thought you were somethin-ONE... SOMEONE else..

The black hellion feigned a sad expression for a moment before laughing at the man's stuttering. Not sure if he was stumbling over words due to the shock of his tail fluke or simply because he truly mistook Anky for someone else. Either way, Anky politely sat back on his haunches and gave him a minute before responding.

Somebody else, huh? Well, I'm the only one here,  blue eyes did a quick scan of the area before Anky offered a shrug. lucky for you, I'm great company. This one was cheerful alright, Echo would soon find out, no sense in brooding when he's around. Name's Akhlut, he offered with a tilt of his head, I just moved here a few weeks back so I'm afraid I'm still getting to know everyone. Would you mind if I asked your name?Then perhaps I can help you look for whoever it was you were hoping to find down here. Anky was a genuinely nice guy and was happy to have met a new face and who knows, maybe he found himself a new friend. Sadly he knew nothing about the not-so-recent-anymore tragic events that took place in which the one called Tauro lost his life, nor had he been privy to any recent political dramas. The hellhound was simply a man-child who loved the water and did his best to be helpful.