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Title: Why I Otter... [Athens; TW hunting otters]
Post by: Aztek on June 16, 2017, 05:37:37 PM
( streamed past blue paws as a single eye scanned the river. The wolf on the edge was a statue, low to the ground, waiting for his prey. He watched, waited, for the otter to make another appearance; he'd been tracking the thing all morning. His selected den, hidden carefully behind a crashing waterfall, was too wet for traditional bedding. He'd tried but everything so far had soaked through, leaving him damp and unhappy throughout the night. After making several observatory explorations into the jungle, watching the animals as they drank or bathed in the river, only the river otter's fur seemed to deter water. It was ideal for his situation, but it meant he had to catch the darn thing first.

A splash, a few paces upstream, caught his attention. The strangely flat brown head peeked above the water, its webbed hands (for they could hardly be called paws) pulling it's long body up out of the water onto a rock. Az ducked, pulling his ears tight to get as low as possible before crawling slowly through the undergrowth toward it. As he reached level with it, he tightened his hind legs and waited for the perfect moment. The otter lifted its head to peek around before reaching back into the water to pull something up. It began knocking the item against the rock, it's attention sufficiently distracted for Aztek to make his move. He flicked his tail and leaped, jaws catching it's back as it shrieked a warning and tried to slip back into the water.

He tumbled, landing hard on the other side of the river with the squirming otter in his mouth. It raked tiny claws across his cheek and he growled as he tightened his jaw, feeling bones crunch. It's mouth opened in a shrill cry which cut off as its tiny ribs shattered and punctured its lungs. The wolf shook his head violently, snapping the tiny body back and forth until it ceased to struggle, and laid it gently on the ground. A sense of accomplishment washed over the pirate and his chest puffed out proudly until he realized that one otter fur would not be nearly enough. It was a start, though, he thought as he tossed a one-eyed glare back at the river. There were sure to be more, he would simply have to be patient. They were unlikely to show their faces, though, after the warning his prey had managed to shriek, so he picked up the carcass to head in the direction of his new home. At least he didn't have to hunt for dinner tonight, but there had to be a better way to catch these slippery creatures.