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From what Eve understood, that word-title-name held a monumental weight within Gemini, heavy on the hearts of its citizens. It felt.. strange, to be given a position titled after a dead boy. Maybe that was a cruel way to put it, but Eve had very little room for softness and gentleness anymore. The woman sighed roughly, a puff of mist in the chilly dawn air. Despite her roll to help protect Gemini, Eve barely knew anyone she was supposed to be protecting. Really, Eve felt as alone in Gemini as she had before. She knew that that was mostly her own fault, though - how could she hope to meet others if she stayed holed up in her den most of the time? And how did she intend to do her job from her tiny cave, honestly? Eve's brows furrowed, her forepaws sliding in the black sand of the beach.

She laid down, turning her paw so that she could inspect the dark granules that made up the shore. It was certainly odd to see such black sand after years of sand the color of bleached bone. It wasn't dusty, either - most likely due to the ocean waves lapping eagerly at the land, spraying it with salty mists and keeping it constantly damp. Eve found that to be nice; she had grown so tired of the dry, parched air of the desert. Gemini was perfect; there was a surplus of ponds and an entire giant sea for all to enjoy.

Was she happy that the desert pack had fallen? A heatwave of guilt rushed over her, Eve's single eye narrowing. No, no.. that couldn't be it. Her happiness came from the feeling of freedom, the feeling of newness that Gemini provided that was so very comforting. She was no former alpha or former slave, not anymore. In this new land, she was Tauro Eve, friend (gal pal) of Chevalier Avery, protector. Eve appreciated being ranked again (as something other than slave or prisoner). The fringe collie couldn't have cared less about prestige or honor. It was the purpose that the rank gave her that really brought Eve to life.

The morning breeze brought in some of that salty sea spray, leaving small beads all over her cream and flax fur. Eve's forelegs stretched out, toes (those that remained anyway) splaying out wide with rump in the air, typical canine stretching style. The woman stood and trotted towards the lapping water. It felt cool crashing against her paws and ankles; she could feel the sway of the sand as it was pushed and pulled with each wave. And, oddly, Eve felt incredibly at peace. Maybe Gemini was good for her.

She was beginning to understand why Avery had stayed.

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Liv had never understood the point of naming a rank after a dead boy. Once somebody was dead, they were dead. Gone. There was no use dwelling on it or trying to keep them alive through meaningless gestures. The fact that the rank was full of fighters and protectors just made the gesture slightly offensive to Liv. Unless the Queen appreciated irony, it was somewhat funny how the dead child's name was being used to describe those who should have protected him, who were the main ones to eff up. Still, she was a Ranger and what went on in other ranks held no real concern or interest to her. She just felt that Gemini was like a broken, hobbling old dog, still trying to hold onto some integrity whilst slowly dying from its own weight.

Quite depressing, really.

Since she had accepted Anky, Liv had spent a lot of time near the water. Ever since he had shown her how to fish, the Ranger had desired to get better at it. There was also a tiny speck of her that hoped to see the hellhound in the water again. There was something about seeing that fish-tailed creature swim that had filled her with excitement and fascination. Although she would never admit it, Anky had been the first interesting thing she had encountered in this world.

Upon sighting Eve, Liv would do something of a double take. Ah, what a mess. The wolf - at least she thought it was a wolf, she guessed there was some dog mixed in there - resembled a toy that had been hastily put together by whatever careless child had discarded it. The Ranger drew closer to Eve, taking note of the missing toes. There was a story behind this creature. Quite a tale too. It was somewhat refreshing to come across a wolf that looked like it had experience and had the scars to prove the quality of its strength. The hybrid would twitch one ear as a form of greeting, her face never breaking into a smile or a frown. It was neutral.

"You like the water as well?" the Ranger asked the wolfdog. "It's interesting how the world seems to end as you look out over it. Unless you were born here, you'd be forgiven for not thinking there is a world out there, and it can be dangerous and cruel. So unlike this place. The only thing that stands between us and that is this water. Or so we like to think. It is nice to meet a wolf who seems to risen above such cruelty in this world, regardless."

Her attempt at giving Eve food for thought done. The Ranger would look at the wolfdog's scarred face for a moment before introducing herself. "Liv, I'm a Ranger," she offered.
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He had never met the scarred up wolfdog prior to the meeting Avery assembled at the mountains months ago -- where the firebrand phoenix had given her the name of his dead brother. Of Gemini's fallen King.

Quite an honor for someone so far from the family.

She certainly seemed qualified with the countless scars etched deep in her skin. In fact, he'd never seen such exquisite scars on someone before, not even on Avery or Serrate. The blue prince wondered what exactly the wolfdog must've gone through that almost shredded her to pieces. She must be strong, he assumed such, and intelligent, if she's working directly under Avery.

His curiosity got the best of him and he found himself watching the... Tauro- the word left a bitter taste in his mouth- on the inky beaches of his home. Another stranger approached and began making small talk about the ocean. Hyperion never wondered what the world was like outside of Gemini, but it got him thinking. Dangerous and cruel, she had said, like the two assailants who dismembered his brother and shattered his mother. His nose twitched in disgust, milky teeth exposed for just a moment, then he decided to approach the two.

He dipped his head to Eve with little emotion on his face. He was unsure about the second in command.

" You both were born outside of here. I can tell by your smell. " The teenager had grown accustom to sniffing out those who were born outside their walls. He turned that deep violet gaze towards Liv, " Anywhere can be dangerous. If you think you're safe here, you're wrong. "

Something was not right. There was pressure in his brain and he could feel it slithering through his veins. It made him tired. Slowly, slowly he trailed his gaze to Eve's one seafoam eye, followed by an unsettling smile creeping on his face.

" Ask Tauro, " He clicked his teeth sharply and said with menacing undertones. " Did you know him, Second in Command? "
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She slipped across the land like a silent little wraith, aimlessly trotting through Gemini without a particular purpose. She was tired but restless, exhausted and yet unable to get her mind quiet enough to fall asleep. So she headed for the beach in the northeast part of the territory. Azalea found that the roar of the waves breaking against the shoreline soothed her spirit when she was beginning to feel dark.

Her encounter with Hyperion had left her feeling drained and oddly empty. The young girl craved the soft tranquility she'd found floating in the pools, lost among the stars with him. Lea had always had a hard time opening up to people but Hyperion had worn away her defenses just enough that her core peaked through, a small flicker. She missed it. This darkness that cloaked her bore down on her with a weight that she could not explain or justify. Why did she feel like this, there was nothing wrong with her or her life? It was frustrating.

Azalea froze at the edge of the land where it met the black sand of the beach, spotting a small group on the shore. Two of them she did not recognize and one that she did. The thought of socializing with the adults was dreadful and yet... Lea remembered the warmth she'd felt in Hyperion's presence, as if the sunlight had finally reached a flower kept in the shadows and she'd turned her petals to greedily drink in his light.

It was that light that drew her closer to the trio on the beach despite her mounting anxiety. If she began to feel too uncomfortable she could always excuse herself and run, she reassured herself. Lea listened silently to Liv's words, green gaze staring at her with her trademark blank expression but she had to admit she found truth in the Rangers words. But the world was dangerous and cruel no matter where you went. It wasn't something you could escape, even in a haven such as Gemini.

" Anywhere can be dangerous. If you think you're safe here, you're wrong. "

She was walking quietly up behind him and halted, dark ears twitching at the harshness of words that were so at odds with the light, carefree spirit she'd encountered in the pools. Had she done this to him perhaps? Was it because he'd spent too much time in her company that she had sucked in his light like a giant black hole and devoured his energy, his glow, the thing that made him bright and beautiful? Azalea took a hesitant step back, tail tucking a little. Maybe it was better if she just disappeared before anyone noticed her.

" Ask Tauro, " His voice was deeper, darker than that soft voice he'd spoken to her with and she flatten her ears against her skull. " Did you know him, Second in Command? " It was then that she realized it was pain that made him bitter and angry, that made his voice harsh and hard. Pain she could understand. She knew very little about Tauro, her mother only spoke of him in short, sad sentences and avoiding answering too many questions. A young boy, a prince, son of the Queen and future King who had been torn to pieces by a pair of intruders before the crown had even finished falling. It was why her mother never let her or her siblings venture past the Wall that seperated the highlands from the lowlands. 'Not until you're older' she'd say.

Wordlessly Azalea took a seat beside Hyperion and looked up at Eve with all her scars and her battered body and waited expectantly for her reply. Perhaps it was silly to think that her nearness could suck up some of his pain and anger and buffer him from the loss but she hoped. Lea had always felt too deeply. Or not at all.
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"You like the water as well?"

Over the scent of the salty water and the crashing sounds of the waves, Eve hadn't noticed the other's approach. The sudden talking startled her, Eve's head snapping towards Liv in a surprised manner. The wolfdog said nothing, though, content to let the other woman continue speaking.

"It's interesting how the world seems to end as you look out over it. Unless you were born here, you'd be forgiven for not thinking there is a world out there, and it can be dangerous and cruel. So unlike this place. The only thing that stands between us and that is this water. Or so we like to think. It is nice to meet a wolf who seems to risen above such cruelty in this world, regardless."

It was interesting, how the water seemed to just go on endlessly. Eve knew that that wasn't the truth; the large lakes in the land of her birth had been much the same as the sea, but nothing was ever truly endless. "The humans I lived with in my youth traveled across water like this in canoes. Probably not even half as big as this, but impressive still." Sometimes her heart still ached for that man village, the comforting presence of her mother and father.

"Liv, I'm a Ranger," the other said, thankfully drawing Eve's attention away from nostalgic thoughts of the past. Before Eve could answer, another showed up, considerably younger than she. The tension he brought was almost palpable, and the wolfdog frowned as he began to speak. "You both were born outside of here. I can tell by your smell. Anywhere can be dangerous. If you think you're safe here, you're wrong."

Safety was a fragile concept, more fragile in some places than others. The boy had likely grown up within Gemini; he knew nothing of the terrible things in the world beyond his homeland. The interlopers who had managed, somehow, to sneak in and slaughter the young King Tauro had been but a taste of the savagery the universe could throw at them. Her muzzle wrinkled slightly. The boy's gaze focused on Eve, singling her out; she did not flinch from it. "Ask Tauro. Did you know him, Second in Command?"

Another arrived but Eve paid her no mind, single eye focused on the teenage boy. "No, I didn't," the battered woman said simply. From the fierceness and angry pain in his voice, Eve guessed this was one of Tauro's siblings, or a close friend. Eve didn't blame him for feeling the way he did; she was uncertain of the title she'd been given herself, and it had to be strange to the late Tauro's loved ones to know another claimed his name. Even so, she intended to carry that title with pride and honor. "If you've something to say, boy, say it." Her tone was harsh, however; the wolfdog had little patience left, and certainly none to spare for things like beating around the bush.

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