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Title: [return] of the one eyed king
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He stood on the edge of his land, blue eye scanning the land. Time had passed since his scent had last filled this land. Too much time, much longer than he would have liked. His sweet queen was here, somewhere - least, he hoped so. Had he been a child of the Moon and not just a religionless king, he would have prayed that she come. Willed the moon to bring her calling.


As it was, he was conflicted. He had been gone for a long time, far longer than he had expected to be gone when he had told Alana of his decision to explore the wilds. He had found... much less than he had wanted to in his time. In truth, he had spent most of the time searching for his family - any lost Bacchus Dires that might have been roaming nearby. He'd come across a few that shared similarities and could have been related, but none who desired to return with him. It seemed that any of his relatives were second-generations, mixed with normal wolf or other canine blood, as his own children were. He understood it and had none of the prejudice that some of his other relatives might feel. Sure, there was weakness among the smaller canines' populations... Perhaps that was why he went looking.


There had been a few that had potential and seemed interested in becoming protectors for a pack that housed a good number of their previous kindred. They had wanted to wait, however, and he had agreed. He wanted to return alone, as he had gone. They could come en mass later, once they had finished with their business in the neutrals.

Exhale - Howl.

One long, full exhale, calling his people to him. Any who would hear their king's call and come would be welcome to walk alongside him as he entered his land once again. His jaws snapped shut and he evened his head. The king's paws hit cold ground, covered by snow, hard packed from the trail that the border guards took on their (hopefully daily) circuits along the border. His jaws clicked as he swung his head to scan the surroundings. Had another king come to take his place, beside his queen? Had there been a revolution during his absence? Was his mate, his Moon, still waiting for him?

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Akutan was doing a run of the border when he slowed to a halt and listened. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear." he thought before picking the pace up again. In truth, he had been thinking of Julek recently and it seemed the winds had finally brought him home. At the different pack meetings, the Maelstrom had noticed that Alana seemed despondent beneath the surface. Knowing the king had at last returned would put her at ease.

He reached the area where he heard the Bacchus's call and lo and behold, there stood Julek. "Hail, King Julek. You've returned at last. If you don't remember me, I'm Akutan. I now head the Jovian Winds as Maelstrom." he greeted, respectfully. There would be no need to do his usual job here. It was enough that he had come home and any fears he had would be allayed if he had Akutan report to him anything he wished to know.
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Hakan was trying to find a way to have a chat with Kestrel, the Pulsar and head of the Halo's but she seemed busy and elusive as of late. He was scouting out new cache sites, mostly out of habit when a strange new call entered the sky. It spelled Commanding, leadership, returning.

Was this the lost King Julek that Alana had gone in search of? He had wanted to voice his fears to the Queen that she was leaving her pack leaderless, even for a time. He had been filled with trepidation that they could lose their soft white queen as well. When his daughter, Kyra, volunteered to escort Alana though he felt more at ease.

And now here, was this the King that she had gone in search for? Was she returning also? Hakan made his way closer to where he heard the call, hoping to see his daughter and queen returned as well. He knew he couldn't get too close to the borders, and spotted Akutan alongside a very large male with badger like markings. Yes, he had seen a few of a royal children and this was most certainly their father.

But... where was Alana? Kyra?
He stepped forward, He was a stranger to the King, he dipped his head in respect as he came closer.
"Hail. I'm Hakan, an old healer from before the exile." He said simply to introduce himself.
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"Hail, King Julek. You've returned at last. If you don't remember me, I'm Akutan. I now head the Jovian Winds as Maelstrom."

"Hail." A familiar face, albeit one he remembered issues with. Time had passed, however, so he would not fault the wolf for past mistakes and interactions. For all the king knew, all the dramatics could have been long forgotten and forgiven. He would give him the benefit of the doubt - especially because he could not remember the specifics of what had happened. "I remember you. Kongratulations, Byakko must be proud. The boy's uncle and previous patriarch of their clan, if the king was correct in his memory. Julek had, in the past, worried that the X Clan would attempt a coup in order to take Nardir back to the past that had birthed the clan. Julek wondered what else had changed.

"Hail. I'm Hakan, an old healer from before the exile."

A face that wasn't familiar. The king turned his head to focus his one eye on the stranger, sizing him up with an emotionless face. This wolf was lighter and shorter than himself - unsurprising - and had a type of muddy olive fur.

"Hail." He would give the stranger a chance. If he was present before the exile - before Julek's time among the peaceful pack - he would likely have plentiful esteem among the pack. Those that Julek knew were from the old pack (before the white devils, as they were called, had taken over) were well ingrained in the society and were often looked on with respect and kinship from their fellows. "I am Julek, Lunar King of these lands."

He lifted his nose and breathed in the air, testing for his mate's scent. Where was she? Where were his family? These two, a healer and a border guard, had come quickly enough to sate his initial desire for attention but now he was impatient, and his impatience came in the form of worry.

Julek's eye flicked back to Akutan, and his thick voice came tilted with question. "Vere is my Queen? Is she vell? My children? His eye would remain on Akutan's until either Hakan spoke again or another appeared to give answer.

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Akutan nodded to Hakan when he appeared and listened as Julek inquired after Alana and their children. "The Queen left with two parties to seek out Mercury and, I'm assuming, my wayward adoptive sister, Aylie. She's accompanied by my uncle and Hakan's daughter, Kyra. All your children are still here to my knowledge but I haven't seen them much outside Princess Terebellum and Kastra. I'm assuming Bell was left in charge of the pack while the Queen is away but I wasn't made privy to that information, I afraid." Akutan explained.

Akutan wondered if Julek was still feeling rather threatened by his family under the surface and how much of it was he personally responsible for. The older he got, the more Akutan started looking at his clan the way an outsider would. It boiled down to the Clan's relative autonomy and adherence to the Old Ways when they were once a ruling family while ensuring that such didn't jeopardize their standing in the pack as loyal subjects. Looking from the outside in helped the Maelstrom better steer his own actions so it didn't reflect poorly on his family. He could not afford for someone in the pack to bring them under fire out of some perceived notion that they were a threat to Nardir's security from within, especially now that there were pups in the picture. The Clan made it no secret they had royal blood at one time but as far as they were concerned, Byakko was the only legitimate royal left in the family on the grounds of being the last pure Fringe Dire. And that wasn't taking into account the fact he had abdicated his rank of Prince when he left his homeland looking for his sister. Once a royal, always a royal.

Akutan kept his internal thoughts from his voice and eyes. Now wasn't the time for this, especially since the King needed to be caught up on other goings-on. "All I can report during your absence is the birth of three pups to my cousin, Sarajevo and her mate Buckshot. You'd be better off getting other news from others in the pack. Hakan here is an old family friend who's a talented healer and saved my life when it seemed my siblings and I were all born dead. I owe him a lot for not giving up on me. As for the Queen, I'm confident she'll return safely and soon. With my uncle and Kyra watching her back, she's well-protected." he said. He looked at Hakan to see if he had anything more to add.
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Hakan remained respectfully silent as Akutan filled the king in on where his mate and children were and when Akutan turned his attention to Hakan's direction, the old healer dipped his head.

"Its true. I was hoping they were returning with you to be honest. It was a delight to see Queen Alana all grown up." He said as he sat politely. Was his journey very taxing? Did he get that missing eye on his travels? He better offer his services if he needed them.

"Are you well? Do you need attending?" He was unsure of what the King of Nardir preferred to be called, he was about to tack on "my king" at the end of the sentence but perhaps it was too formal, or perhaps not formal enough. Julek certainly had a strong presence about him, a natural and commanding leader. Exactly the type that would balance the leadership with their fair and gentle Queen.
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"You beat them back, it seems!" Puffin called from a distance. He had been afield when a familiar howl met his ears, and had eagerly raced to greet Julek at the border. Closer packmates had beaten him, though, and Puffin caught the tail end of Akutan's report. His tail wagged lazily behind him as he closed the rest of the distance and nodded first to Julek, then Akutan and Hakan.

"Its true. I was hoping they were returning with you to be honest. It was a delight to see Queen Alana all grown up."

Puffin nodded. "Did you see them out there? Would have been two parties: Alana with Byakko, Becrux, and Hakan's daughter Kyra; and Anika with Alue, Hera, and Hudson." He paused.

"Are you well? Do you need attending?"

That was a good question. Puffin took a second look at his king, not seeing any injuries but he supposed with Julek's dark fur he could be missing something. "Neither party is overdue to be back; I'll let you know if that changes." He had a great deal of questions about what Julek had come across out there in the wilds, but rest was probably in order first. And, of course, for his king to be updated on the goings on of Nardir. Puffin hadn't been present for the beginning of Akutan's report, so he wasn't sure what Julek had heard yet, but knowing Akutan, he'd probably already shared the news of his family's new additions. "I'm glad you've finally returned. Nardir missed its king."
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Vidar's black ears pricked upwards at the sound of the howl. It was familiar, instantly recognizable. Julek - his 'brother', king, and good friend. Vidar stood immediately, stretching briefly to get the weariness out of his old bones before breaking into an easy lope to close the distance. It had been far too long since he had last seen Julek, longer still since they had much of a conversation. A sort of childish excitement bubbled in his breast, though one would never know it looking at the stone-faced Bacchus.

Long legs brought him up to the scene quickly. Already a gaggle of faces; some familiar, some not so much, had gathered to greet the wayward king. Vidar slowed his trot as he drew close, dipping his head low in a sign of respect. That was perhaps a bit of a stiff gesture given their history, yet Vidar was always formal.

"Hail King Julek." He called, his low voice ringing across the clearing loudly.His boxy muzzle parted in a reserved smile as he stepped a bit closer.

"How was your journey, brother?" Vidar asked, settling stiffly into a seated position.

He eyed the others a little hesitantly. He was not much for social gatherings, and sometimes missed the days when Julek was merely a warrior rather than a king. When they could speak in private and he did not have to deal with the fuss afforded to his status. Still, his friend had earned his position - and far be it from Vidar to deny him any due respect. He gave a slight nod to any others who looked his way - cordial yet stern.
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Tallulah (

She had been investigating, looking for prey and signs of prey while also keeping a lookout for other places that might be usable as stores when she heard a howl at the borders. At first she didn't pay much attention to it since she figured it was for an acceptance which while she was curios as she ever was about it she needed to work on the prey issue. Then she reasoned that someone new coming in might have seen prey while they were out..which meant she could satisfy her curiosity and do her job. She was gonna be..multi-tasking! She raced away heading towards the border wanting to be there before the assumed acceptance was over and she had to try and find whomever it was inside the borders. As she drew near the borders though there seemed to be a crowd. At first she wondered if something had gone wrong but while she couldn't really tell exactly what was being said, not from this distance, she could tell that it didn't sound angry so not trouble. A party maybe? Maybe? But who for?

That was when she got close enough to realize the wolf standing at the border looked like Sansa! Her excitement started to get to her..if he looked like Sansa maybe he would be as awesome as her! She sped up going even faster until she was now at the back of the crowd. "Sansa!". She called as she quickly weaved through the others present with weaving ease of a cat. Once she was through the crowd, unless he moved, Julek would get the same greeting as Sansa with her standing on hindlegs and propping her frontlegs against him. "You look like Sansa!". She would then exclaim with tail wagging in a canine excitement fashion. "Wanna play?!". She asked still excitedly because well what else was there to ask of someone who looked like Sansa and therefore had to be as awesome as Sansa was.
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    "The Queen left with two parties [...] I'm assuming Bell was left in charge [...]"
    "You beat them back, it seems!"

He was disappointed to hear that his love of his life wasn't here, but he knew she was capable. It didn't stop him from worrying for her and wanting her by his side. He listened to the report, reconnecting dots that had been forgotten during his trip. It was interesting to hear that Akutan thought his daughter was left in charge when they had a very capable dog as a co-alpha. He wondered for a split moment if Puffin was okay when the hound appeared out of nowhere and added onto Akutan's report with a bit of a joke. He nodded as a thanks to Akutan before Hakan's questions interrupted him from giving any more of a response.

    "Its true. [...] It was a delight to see Queen Alana all grown up."
    "Did you see them out there? [...]"

"She's grown vell, hasn't she." he said, the slightest of a chuckle in his voice and a gleam in his eyes. No one could say that he didn't love his wife with all his heart, if they'd seen them together for two minutes. They had been blessed to not even have had any serious fights over their time together. They were a good couple, no matter how different they were. No matter their different beliefs, they made things work. He noticed his son's name was included, and the daughter of Hakan, the wolf here. Plus a few other names of wolves he recognized and knew to be competent. "I didn't run across them, though I did see a few I knew from Bacchus - " He didn't continue that as someone who he knew would like to hear was approaching and he decided he'd wait.

    "Hail King Julek."

"Hail, Vidar," a tip of his head and a return of the slight smile. He was glad to see the fellow bacchus dire, one of his closest friends in the old country.

    "How was your journey, brother?"
    "Are you well? Do you need attending?"

"My journey was well, I saw some of our fellows from Bacchus - Rainer is doing well," Rainer, his older brother, had not been very close to the trio of Julek, Vidar, and Sansa, but had been as present as any other soldier. He'd felt a bit like Rainer had envied them for their royal guard-type positions, but the older male had never mentioned it and he had vanished along with the rest when the pack had fallen. "I am vell, just tired, danke."

    "Neither party is overdue to be back; I'll let you know if that changes."

"Thank you, brother."

    "[...] the birth of three pups to my cousin, [...] I'm confident she'll return safely and soon. With my uncle and Kyra watching her back, she's well-protected."

Births of the youngest generation! While usually he would leave it to his wife to be joyous for new life, he could not help but be pleased that there were new children. His thoughts were pulled in a particular direction but he pushed them away for the time being, knowing it would be useless to dream of such things while his wife was absent. "Ah, pleased to have you then, Hakan," he dipped his head to Hakan as he continued to listen to Akutan's report. Had he known anything of the future, he might have caught on the mentioning of the female known as Kyra, but it never hit his radar.

However, one voice did hit his radar.



He glanced towards the feline voice to see if Sansa had appeared without him knowing, but it was an unfamiliar face. She ran directly up to him and he stiffened, ready to retaliate if her paws on his shoulder turned into claws and teeth. They did not.

    "You look like Sansa! Wanna play?!"

He laughed, amused by the leopard's childlike attitude. It was interesting to see a cat among his fellows, but as none of the others turned on her he assumed she had joined in his absence and let his muscles relax. "Hail, cat. Perhaps another time, I've had a long journey." He wondered if the cat knew of any battle techniques and considered them play. It would be educational to learn from her, he decided, but not now. He was far too tired right now.

    "I'm glad you've finally returned. Nardir missed its king."

His eyes lit up as he looked at Puffin, agreeing with a pleasant grunt, "and her king missed her." He inhaled deeply, then grinned, inviting the others to loosen up if any felt uncomfortable being around their king, "Vell - do we have any fresh meat? We can dine together, I'm starved."

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(I have nothing further to add, so let's just say that Akutan bid everyone adieu and headed off to continue his circuit of the border)