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Title: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
Post by: Collette on November 22, 2016, 12:02:07 AM
Title: Re: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
Post by: Weiss [rp] on November 22, 2016, 06:20:54 AM
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Title: Re: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
Post by: Aeolus on November 23, 2016, 08:47:49 PM
He heard a howl echoing from the borders and well seeing as how he was supposed to be learning things it seemed like a good opportunity since surely someone else would have heard the call and would be heading that way to attend to it which would give him the opportunity to see how Inaria operated in peace time since so far all he knew of was how Inaria was when at war. It didn't take him long to reach where the howl had come from or so he supposed since there was a wolf here but he was well a bit dismayed and surprised to see that he was the only Inarian here at present. It was bit awkward to say the least since well he couldn't very well just walk away and leave her as that would be rude for one thing as she had to have realized he was here by now but also to leave a stranger at the borders would be courting disaster as there was no way to know what the individuals intentions or reaction to being slighted might be. He didn't know what to do with or about her though except perhaps to try and keep her entertained until someone else showed up who did know what to do here. If no one else did arrive..he didn't want to think about all the kinds of trouble and headaches that might cause..yet but if that was what came of this then..then he would try and figure something out.

Until then.."Greetings traveler". He began with a polite nod of his head to the blue female before him, unaware of her previous association to this place, as he took the last few steps to finally clear what was in a sense the tree line. It was not much of one really since the trees were just a few feet from both himself and his audience but the constant patrolling of the borders prevented new trees from being able to readily grow on those well worn paths and thus created a fairly visible delineation between Inaria, its border and the rest of the outside world. "I am Aeolus, you have reached the border of Inaria. What business might you have here if I may inquire?". He would finish trying to be polite and gracious while also trying to be careful about how far and how fast this went to try and allow someone with a better idea and better knowledge of Inaria then he had time to arrive and make their own assessments. For now he would do what he could to take careful observations that he could inform of to whomever might show up to handle this so that a fuller picture might be had which would allow for a more accurate judgment and decision on whatever might need to be decided on here which of course was going to be dependent upon what it was she wanted here in the first place.

((so Aeolus is supposed to be a Page now but I couldn't fill out the form thing to have his rank updated since it is apparently locked and I posted him in the Sentinel recruitment as well but that thread has stalled so..he is going to be here practicing his diplomatic skills if no one minds))
Title: Re: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
Post by: Nagamaki on November 26, 2016, 02:59:29 PM
In the wake of devastation, it was time to begin rebuilding. When the smell of blood and foreigners faded the strangers would return to the borders, as they did in any pack. In truth, Nagamaki knew nothing of Inaria's sentries, what they were called or who remained. What she did know was that another body patrolling the border could not hurt. If nothing else, the bones of Saborans could be thrown over the border, into the no-man's land where they belonged.

Of course she came to the call at the border, drawn by some kind of uneasy paranoia. But that faded as she saw the other Inarian already at the post. So she simply trotted up, with enough ease to seem relaxed but not so casual as to seem as if Inaria wasn't defended. "I'm just here to back you up," she told Aeolus with a slight nod. Then she turned to look over the stranger.

Now, here's the kicker. Like every other time, Nagamaki had stumbled into a cruel twist of fate. After all, when she turned her almost-red gaze upon the blue stranger, would Collette see another stranger or would she see Sickle? For here she stood, again, the shadow of her sister, casting it unknowingly on the very ones who would be most affected by it.

Nagamaki watched Collete, expectantly, unaware of what her very presence might bring.
Title: Re: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
Post by: Khotto on December 11, 2016, 01:46:57 PM
Khotto heard the call and pulled his teeth out of the rabbit he had just slain. Washing his bloodied lips, he quickly buried the meal and set off towards the source. He couldn't really afford to let them wait, now could he? The Sentinels numbered one more since recruitment, but hadn't put to rest the itching feeling that he needed to be everywhere at once. But he figured that was how Moons felt nearly all of the time, so it was probably for the best.

As he approached what appeared to be a small gathering at the border, he recognized Aeolus immediately, but not the soldier at his flank nor the blue wolf across the border. He took a seat behind Aeolus, and if the recruit caught his eye, Khotto would nod to him to continue. Trainee or not, he'd arrived first, so he was in charge. At least, unless something went completely wrong. He nodded to the soldier next, both a greeting and a thank you for having their backs. It was always appreciated, though having three wolves greet someone at the border must be a little nerve wracking for the one who gave the call.

She did look a little nervous. "I'm Khotto," he said, and then fell silent so that she could answer Aeolus.
Title: Re: me, the machine (return/acceptance)
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((so is this being finished here or being continued on the new forum?))
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i'd like to continue it on the new forum, if no one else minds! @Puffin (;u=1655) @Spear (;u=244) , are y'all both still game for this? if so i'll repost everything on the new forum and get a reply done lol
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sounds good to me!
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that's fine with me!
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well I certainly don't mind it continuing ^^,